Brothers and her


1. Catching Her Eye (intro)

Kenzie Weller unbuckled her seatbelt for the first day of school. She was sure ninth grade wasn't going to be a lot better than last year. On top of all her first-day jitters, she had heard rumors of 5 boys from the UK coming to their school, all of them in her grade!

As Kenzie and her mom pulled up in front of the school, Kenzie thought she was going to puke. Her mom noticed her sick face and said, "It'll be fine, honey! Just...try and make friends, please?"

 "Alright, mom. I love you. Bye," she said tiredly, and kissed her mom goodbye. She gave Kenzie a little wave as she walked into the building.

"KENZIE!!!" A quite startled Kenzie turned around to see her two closest friends, Angora and Kyle Nolan, sprinting towards her. They crashed into her, smiling at her and hugging her.

Angora was 15, Kenzie's age. Kyle was a year older than both of them, in tenth grade. They were brother and sister, the best singers in the school, and choir stars. And they were both Kenzie's only real friends.

As they walked to their lockers, Angora chatting on about nothing important, a boy caught Kenzie's eye.

Now, Kenzie of course saw boys everyday. Cute boys, strange boys, emo looking boys. But this boy was...amazing. His golden hair glinted when it caught any bright light. His blue eyes shone and he had soft crinkles around his eyes, making it clear that he smiled a lot. He caught her staring, and winked.

"That, my lovestruck friend, is Niall Cowell. Thats him with his brothers over there, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam." Angora winked at Kenzie. "And you have first period English together."


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