Poems I've written about how I was feeling at the time.


1. Her.

Have you seen her?
Have you looked into her eyes?
Have you seen the pain?
Have you felt the pain?
She says she's fine
Do you see the blood?
Do you see the blade?
Do you hear the screams?
Do you want to help?
She asks to be alone
Will you believe her?
Will you leave her?
Will you stay?
Will you run?
She skips her meals
Why do you let her?
Why don't you bring her food?
Why don't you tell her everything will be alright?
Why don't you see?
She cries
Don't you hate seeing her like this?
Don't you want to help?
Don't you see her pain?
Don't you see her needs?
She faints and doesn't wake
You were too late
You were blinded by your own happiness
You didn't care
You didn't do anything for Her.


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