Red Light, Green Light...

Mel is a 14 year old girl living only with her brother Harry and her sister Gemma. Harry is out a lot and Gemma doesn't exactly enjoy being alone with Mel, but when Mel follows Harry one day, what will she do...they have her bestfriend.


1. C1

Mel's POV

"Harry, I'm going to school! You need to take me or I will be late, I have an exam today!"

Gemma screams, I guess I will be walking myself to school then.

I comb through my brown hair and sigh heavily, surely I will be fine walking school...again...

There is only one problem though, Niall.

He always comes my way and takes the mickey out of me, I always do my best to get my hair, makeup and outfit perfect, so he can't be as mean.

I turned from the dresser and adjusted my dress in the mirror, I sent Tia a SnapChat and slipped on some baby pink vans to match my pastel green and lilac dress. I put my phone in my purse and walked out the door.

On my way to school I stopped at the corner shop to buy some Haribos, yum...

Unfortunately I did bump into Niall, the conversation was dull and his friends giggled, it was awkward as heck!

"Why are you eating sweets! Oh my god your so fat!"

The comments were horrible but my mascara was too expensive to run over a fool, I ignored him and put in my earplugs.

At school I saw my friends, Tia, Bella, Agnes and Jonie, they were questioning each other.

"I saw her on Tuesday but it's Friday now... Where is she??" I heard Agnes gasp.

The only person missing from the group was Hannah, where was she?

"Hey guys, where is Hannah? She's been absent most of the week? She wasn't at home when I went to see her..." I say

"Apparently, she ran away with a stranger, and moved to Las Vegas!" Tia blurts,

"Highly doubted.." Jonie snaps,

But seriously, where is that girl...

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