This Should Feel Like Fire

Fuck love. They say it should feel something like fire. Bullshit

1. Pure

I feel like I do not belong. Everywhere I go, I see the same people. They think they are better than everyone. They treat people like shit. I hate that. I am more like a pacifist. A nature lover. A fighter. A person with Character. A pure person, so to speak. Everyone hates me. Eh, I could care any less. I'm always alone. Dont fall in love. The way people act when they're "in love" is horrifying. It's ridiculous. Disturbing. Stupid. Unbelievable. Hurtful. But those are my opinions. My best friends are always raging because of it, that's why I don't hang out with them. I am telling you this story because I am warning you about the truth of love. It started when I was in the eighth grade. This guy asked me out and the naive me fell for it and went on that date. I loved love. He treated me like a goddess. But he, as well as like any other man, broke my heart. Love is addictive. When you get a lot of it, you have the urge to find more. When, you're in the withdrawal steps, you feel like you're going to die. THAT is what love is. A killing drug. It eats you from the inside until you can't feel anymore






I warned you. 

Here goes the complete story of the first time I fell in love

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