Ezio the Angle

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is of Assassin heritage. To say he is one of the Princes' of the Assassin's Brotherhood. Ezio is only 17 and soon his life will change with a simple misplaced trust.


1. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

1476 Florence Italy.Dirt roads that are over taken by people. A crowed of young men fighting as people walk on by. "EZIO YOU ARSE! You'll pay for this!!" The young man in a blue outfit shouts as he and his fellow friends run away covered in blood. Two men are left one much older than the other. They wore red and white. Long hair tired back in a pony. "What brother? He started it!" The younger one of the two explained, "Ezio you need to stop this foolish behaviour Father will not be impressed when he finds out you were in another fight with those boys!" The older one bossed "Oh come on Federico! That was a fair fight he was using rocks and I still beat him!!" Ezio teased as they walked home.

"Ezio!! Federico!!" Called a cheerful little boy much younger then Ezio and Federico, "Petruccio!! How are you brother?!" Ezio called back to the boy, "Brother! I need your help!!" Petruccio said looking to his feet, "What is it Brother?" Ezio put his hand on Petruccio's shoulder, "I was feeding Sisters bird and it flew away! Could you find it for me?!" Petruccio cried looking at his older brother "Ah you silly boy! Of course I'll catch the bird." Ezio smiled at his brother and then ran off. "This bird will be hard to find but-" Ezio looked up into the tall palm tree above him, a tiny golden finch circled the top branches, "Well that was easier then I thought it would be." Ezio smiled to himself he started to club up the tree the bird didn't notice at all, "Got ya!!" Ezio shouted as he grabbed hold of the tiny bird. Ezio took the bird back home, "Petruccio!! I have the bird!" Ezio said to his little brother as he came out with the cage the boys but the bird back in it's bronze home. "Thank you so much Ezio!!" Petruccio smiled to his older brother "Your welcome Petruccio. Now I must go see Father about something." Ezio said patting his brothers head.

"Ezio!!" Said a tall dark haired man with a beard, "Father." Ezio said walking into the drawing room, "You wanted to see me?" Ezio said to his father, "Yes I need this letter delivered. Can you please take it?" Ezio's father said as he handed Ezio a envelope, "Of course Father who am I taking it to?" Ezio asked taking the letter, "The letter says where to take it Ezio be sure not to ask unnecessary questions." Ezios father said harshly Ezio nodded "If course Father." He said leaving the room.

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