shadow has always lived in the back alleys and side streets of her virtual life but now a lady has come and told her she can do whatever she wants in real life as well so now she can break rules in the online game and real life shadow is suspicious why would someone do this for her?
big thank u to raven711!


1. shadow

After cautiously looking back to make sure she hadnt been followed Shadow sat down and began to eat her bread she had stolen.She was in the virtnet. her online life of gaming coding and hacking she was the best hacker in the game so people were always after her and she didnt trust anyone.this old lady came up to her in the virtnet and said to her 'u can do as u plz in the virtnet u know and in real life  suprisingly u get in any trouble just say retawe and u will be released.' shadow sat back and said i dont trust u but the old lady simply laughed and reapeated her words.. and she went up in smoke


sorry for the short chapter better one soon.


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