The Gryffindor Princess.

Have you ever thought what would happen if Hermione Granger's parents where magical beings and she was kept away from the magical world till she was 14 because she was the descendent of Godric Gryffindor. But not just any descendent she is sorted ........ a Slytherin.


9. Snapes office

"what is it hermione?" Snape asked 

"in private" I replied  

"of course, draco take Mrs Granger and your mother to the great hall please?"

draco nodded and left the room I turned to my father. he looked at me with great worry.

"hermione what is wrong?" 

"I was wondering if you could tell me why I keep having visions of things that are going to happen such as before the ball I saw harry and I destroying horcruxes. then in the great hall I had another vision of you my mother and draco's mother having that exact conversation."

for the next five minuets father walk aimlessly around the office mumbling to himself, it was an thing to see in the short time I had been at hogwarts I had never seen him do anything without a meaning. after another five minuets he sat down and said

"What i am about to tell you is very important you must listen carefully."

i quickly nodded my head and he continued.

"slytherin if not the only thing you got from me. for the last one thousand years our family has been something called a prophet. it means that you can tell the future unfortunately because i am half muggle i did not get the gift that you have received. there is one more thing you should know two members of the family gave a prophecy about you on there death bed my grandmother said that the griffindor princess that was sorted slytherin will be the one to truly destroy voldermort with the help of her true grandfathers last prophecy was that the slytherin sorted griffindor princess would fall in love with the slytherin prince and he with her."

(hey guys sorry its short and sorry i have not written in a while but please check out my new movella it called  hogwarts dance love story (Dramione) please also like and favourite .) #DramioneForever



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