Accidents happen

Anna King and her friends decide to go rollerskating.But when they get there do they meet an unexpected British/Irish boyband?Read Accidents Happen to find out......:)

It will definitely have cussing.duh.


1. Last day of school!YAYYYYY!




''sweetie get up''my mom whispered shaking me lightly ''what?''i asked groggily,''last day of school''she said excitedly ''What?!''i screamed jumping out of bed, changing clothes, brushing my teeth, grabbing an apple and leaving to catch a ride with one of my best friends,Isabel Caroll.

''Oi,Ian!''i said yelling her older brothers name while running to their house, ''What?''he groaned while flipping his hair ''jeez what happened to you,wait don't tell's that time of the month again!''i yelled ''shut up and get in the car''he mumbled while jumping in the drivers seat Isabel skipped out their house door and jumped in the back seat of his jeep,''Hey gurl''i said ''heyyy gurl''she said holding out hey,''We still picking up Kayleigh?''i asked, Kayleigh Bailey is my other best friend.''yeah''Isabel answered

''Hey Ian can we please stop by star bucks on the way to Kayleigh's house?''i asked the bleach blonde boy sitting next to me,''no''he said ''pleasssseeeee!''i begged ''fine''he sighed ''YES!!!!!''me and Isabel screamed at the same time. Kayleigh slowly walked out of the house due to the 9 year old tugging on her leg,''Makayla!''i yelled happily to the little girl ''ANNA!!!!!!!!!!''The little munchkin screamed getting off the poor teenager and running over to me and jumping on me, literally.''okay, may may off''i said gently while pulling her off me and saying a quick goodbye with Isabel and walking inside Kayleigh's to help her pick out an outfit.

While walking to her room we say her older brother doing push-ups in his room,me and Isabel practically drooled over him.Before either one of us had time to say anything to him Kayleigh closed his door ''rude''i mumbled walking into her room and going straight to her closet.I picked out shorts and a polo that looks like a tanktop.Sort of like mine and Isabel's except her's is white with flowers cut out of it it,mine is light blue with sunglasses on it and Isabel's is dark purple with little diamonds on the collar.

We walked out into the living room to watch spongebob since we still have half and hour left,on the couch was her parents,her other sister who is 12,Kaitlen, and her smexy brother,Kyle.I sat on his right side with the other girls on my right,me and Mrs.Bailey were talking about a party i was having a few weeks from now.

During that conversation i noticed Kyle put his hand on the bottom of my back and started moving downwards towards my bum.''i have to go to the rest room'' i said awkwardly,and speed walked to the bath room ''thank the lord'' i said out of pure relief.''A minute passed and there was a knock at the door ''who is it?'' i said uneasy scared it was Mrs.Bailey,''keep your voice down''i heard Kyle mutter.I smiled,opened the door pulled him in by his collar and brought his faced to mine into a very heated make out session that lasted about 8 minutes.Until,''Anna are you in there?''i heard Kayleigh ask ''shit''i whispered ''hide in the shower''i told Kyle,he obeyed but not before he kissed me for about 2 minutes then went in the shower.The door opened and Kayleigh stepped in worried ''are you okay?''she asked ''i'm fine just checking my make up''i lied ''okay well lets get going'' she said walking away i turned to the shower curtain, pulled it back,gave him a quick kiss and a wink.

While giving Kayleigh's family hugs Kyle walked in hair messed up and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. I got into Ian's jeep and put on GreenDay in the process of that Ian said''Anna i need advice'' ''on what?''i asked ''girls''he said ''oh god didn't your dad tell you about that''i muttered shaking my head ''no not that''he said quite loudly ''o then what?''i said confused ''umm there's this girl i like shes about your age and i have known her for like 4 years''he said ''can't be me you've known me for 9 years,ummm, ohh!OMG WAIT!YOU LIKE KAYLEIGH?!?''I screamed ''WHAT?!?NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!''He screamed too.''oh thank the lord''i muttered,''so whats her name???''i questioned now curious ''her name is Bailey Kendrick''he said quietly ''OMG OMG OMG OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''i screamed totally excited,Bailey Kendrick is also one of my friends and she told me she like Ian! ''calm down i bet the whole neighborhood can hear you''he said sighing at the end.''Are you crazy?My whole neighbor can hear you'' Kayleigh said with a laugh while getting into the back,Isabel right behind her ''told you''Ian said.

We pulled up to school,we all gave Ian a kiss on the cheek as a thank you.I ran to Bailey pulled her into the janitor's closet and sat her down on a chair.''don't scream when i tell you this okay?'' ''okay...''she answered in her Irish accent ''IAN LIKES YOU!!!!!''I squealed,she screamed obviously.I walked out of the janitor's closet people giving us weird looks but then again i'm use to it.I walked up to my 'group' that includes Ty-Sean Freeman,Julian Hanson,Ana Scott,Uriella Missimer,Raiven Kies,Chloe Kling,most of the black people(not being racist),Jonah Flinchum, April Watering, and Thomas Hoke.

Ty-Sean,Jonah,and Thomas are my ex-boyfriends,no not at one time.Julian is the only boy in our group that i haven't kissed or dated yet,not even in spin the bottle.Ty-Sean is my most recent breakup,we broke up because he's moving to North Carolina and i didn't think we'd last cause he has the tendency to flirt with other girls so i broke it off, but we both still obviously love each other.Jonah was my 2nd most recent one and we broke up cause i caught him kissing another girl behind the gym, but it didn't really phase me that much since we were more friends then boyfriend and girlfriend so things aren't awkward like you probably thought it would be.The last is Thomas he was my boyfriend in the ending of last summer and the beginning of school, we broke up because I caught him doing drugs and lets just say i don't smoke pot nor do i date people who do.So you can say i was pretty pissed at him cause i was, i smacked him about 5 times then broke up with him.








HEYYYY!If you guys want to know more about me or my story check out my other book called 'My Story' thank you very much you all are my bitches.O btw Isabel and Kayleigh and all the other people are real people and my actual friends so if you dis them i will punch u thank u! -O.B.

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