I hate you

One day she met a handsome boy and she was rude with him but then she will know that he is.... what does she will know?? Read to know


1. First Day

I woke up at 6:00 am it was the first day at school I woke up early to prepare myself cause i must be perfect i have got something always tell me to be perfect at everything 

i went to take a shower i take of my clothes and let the hot water hit my body i properly took 1 hour to end my shower 

it get me around 45 minutes to choose my clothes and i chose this outfit

 it was now 7:55 and my friends Nor and Liam are gonna pick me up at 8:00 i went downstairs and mum was down "hey mum" i said and smile at her

"hey sweetheart " she said and smiled back then my phone buzzed i took it out of my pocket to see who text me 

                             we are out ;) Li

"Mum i am gonna go now bye see you after school" i said and walked away "hey guys" i said and got in the car

"Hey Ree" Nor said we properly my name is Riham but i like people call me Ree and liam did too 

Liam and Nor were flirting i dont wanna cut them so i get out my headphones and started listen to music and the song i was listen to is My Immortal . while i was listening , tears started to fall from my eyes i dont know why but this song make cry 

We arrived school and there we meet our friends Zayn , Niall and Louis "hey guys" i said as i hugged them all 

"Hey Ree" they all said and hugged me back i went to the first lesson it was all boring 

it was the lunch time i went to the canteen with my friends we set to eat lunch together 

"how was the lessons"Zayn asked me and smiled , is that really a question of course i hate lessons and its all boring

"what do you think?" i said and they all laughed "i am gonna go get something to drink anyone want with me" i asked but no one wanted to

i went and ordered orange juice i took it and while i was going to my table someone bumped into me he has brown curly hair and green eyes

what the hell all the juice dropped on my clothesno way i am looking like slut now

"what the hell?? watch where are you going" i shouted at him and all the people were looking at us

"i am sorry"he said and i was so angry


i dont care that all people was watching but i care that i am looking like a slut wearing a sweatshirt with an orange juice on it


"really what sorry is gonna do to me now" i shouted at him loudly

"why are you rude ?? i said that i am sorry" he shouted back at me he is bitch

"why i am rude??" i calmed for a second "maybe cause you are a slut dont watch where are you going" i shouted again

But this time Liam,Zayn,Nor and Niall come and took me away i swear that maybe if they hadnt come i was gonna punch him

"what happened" Liam asked

"nothing this slut bumped at me while i was in my way to the table and all the juice dropped on my sweatshirt and now i am looking like a slut" i said angry


after the lunch time i went back to locker and my stuff from it the next
lesson was science

i went to the class after 15 minutes the teacher come in

oh my god what the hell ...... Ree you are at a problem now ..... a voice inside me said ............


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