6. the other world.

Emily awoke in a world hard to explain, a world of darkness, a world of EMPTINESS... "WHERE AM I?!" She screamed while trying to look for any sign of civilization or what she most wanted to find, Harry. Back in the real world the demons slowly limped towards Harry realizing that the poison wore off, Megan sliced him with the katana once again making him have the same fate as Emily. in EMPTINESS (the name of the empty world) Emily slowly, hopelessly wondering wanting to find any sign of Harry but all she found was blackened objects resembling that of those in the hospital. Emily continued walking to find a door like object in her path, she walked through the door she did not see the crowd of demons that set her into an eternal slumber, instead she saw the souls of that crowd and in the middle was Emily's dead body! She saw the soul of her best friend (Megan) ran up and tried to hug it, Emily phased straight through and fell to the floor smashing her face like shattering glass. Megan turned around and said, "hello old friend..."

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