my life


1. chapter one

I walked past the streets listening to my favourite songs. I saw few couples enjoying evening scenery, my age teens having a party. I stop by the library which I frequently visit. Ms. Victoria, the librarian is a book lover just like me. She always has a book in her left hand and keeps reading. We share our views about the books we read when we meet. I got in and saw her busy reading the latest novel “the seeker” which I’m planning to read. I go and sit next her. She turns towards me

“After a long time Darcy. How are you?”

“I am fine. What about you Ms V?”

I and my friend Vincy call her Ms v

“I am fine. Do you want to check out the latest book of magical World Series? I brought two books”

“I will take it later. Right now I’m busy with my practicals”

I would love to reading it but first I need to concentrate on my practicals.

“It’s ok I will keep it for you. When you finish your exams take it from me”

I nodded and gave a smile. “Ok ms v I'll talk to u later. I have some work to do. I will meet you later”

“Ok bye”

“Bye ms v”

On my way I meet my friend Vincy who is busy working with her car which she got it on her 16th birthday from her dad.

“Hi Vincy. Done with your work?”

“Not yet. I have to take it to a mechanic. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the engine.”

“Let me check it”

When I was six I had a lot of interest in mechanics so my dad taught me a little about these engines. I checked what was wrong with Vincy’s engine. I cleaned the crew and tightened it.

“Now go and start the car”

It din't start for two attempts. She tried it once again

“Darcy! Thank you so much” she gave me hug.

“I think my dad’s teachings were useful” I gave a smile. I have not seen him since 5 years. He told that he had to go on an urgent work to some place and never came back nor answered our calls.My mom lost her hope and married a jerk for money for my high school.

“Darcy lets have some snacks. My mom made your favourite cheese rolls”

My smile broadened. The only food I love to eat the most is cheese rolls. But my mom thinks I will put on weight and prepares them only once in a weak.

“Wow! Let’s go I’m hungry”

We parked the car in the garage and went in to have snacks.

Mrs Kara came out with the snacks. “Hi Darcy. How you doing?”

“great” she placed the snacks on the table and went into the kitchen to bring some lemonade for us.

Vincy turned on the TV. “Darcy shall we watch one tree hill?”

one tree hill is one of our favourite shows.

I replied with a nod. She put the CD and we watched the movie eating our cheese rolls and drinking lemonade. Mrs Kara joined us for the movie.

It was a weekend so I had a lot time to enjoy. We finished watching the movie and Vincy dropped me at home.

“Let’s meet at college tomorrow. Good night"

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