For You Bestie

Emily is single and finds Love unexpectedly.


1. The Concert

Emily glanced over to Hannah who was half way through her solo in Put Your Feet Up and grinned at what she seen in the third row, (Hannah's Crush) Harry Styles, Her best friend Zayn Malik, her eating buddie Niall Horan, her father like friend Liam Payne, And of course Louis Tomlinson there was only word for him perfect.

"Thank You London!" Hannah yelled

As they entered the dressing room, Emily was mid sentence about how cute Louis looked during that preformance when the spotted Louis standing right in front of them. Emily gulped, "Hey Louis!"

"Omg she knows my name, haha hi!" Louis chimed

They shook hands. Harry Styles wandered into the room and sat down and Hannah was off.

"I will leave you to it then!" Hannah mumbled on her way to the couch.

"So?" Louis mentioned

"So?" Emily continued

"I was wondering will you go o a date with me??"

YEEEEES! I mean yeah,sure,cool!" Emily answered 

" I will pick you up at 8:00! Tonight night!" Louis said

The Next Night............


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