All of Me

My name is Emma Hunter. I live alone in my tiny little apartment. Days pass as I continue to sob and dream about finding someone to be with. Someone to talk to. Someone to love. But I know it's never going to happen. Not till he moves in.


10. nine

Emma's POV

  I stood there, starring at the small tv showig Louis performance. I love him. I really. More than I ever did Conar. I dont care what Eleanor said to him. I knew he was great, and I knew he was going to pass. He had already introduced himself. He started singing. His voice... its was... beautiful. It was gracefull. Better than I would ever have sang. "I listen closely as he sang the last note of his song. 

*5 minutes later* 


  he came running towards back stage. He stopped and held out his arms. I took advantage and lept into his arms. " Ah!" I screamed as he spun me around. "Lou! I'm so proud of you!" I yelled. He had ust gotten three yeses from the judges. He stopped spining me an put me down, holding me by my shoulders, staring deep into my eyes. "I told you you'd make it!" i said. "I know." he said. "I wouldn't have done it without your help." I liked this moment. He leaned in, slowly closing  his eyes. I leaned my head in. Our faces only inches away.



Louis POV

  Should I do it? Should i really kiss her? I was full of questions. But it was to late now. i was already  going in. Do i even love her? i dont even know the answer to the. Thats a tuff question to answer anyway. Our lips were jus about to connect when I was bumped in the back by someone.Saved the moment. 'Hey, buddy. watch it!" I warned, turning to face the guy. He was a tiny bit shorter than me and had black hair and earings. he looked maybe a year or two younger than me. "Sorry, man. I was just getting warmed up for my audition." "Its ok. Just be careful next time." i turned my attention back to Emma. She had a sad look in her eyes. "Hey, what's wrong, love?" "Nothing." she replied. Something clearly wasn't right, but i didnt want to upset her any more than she was. So I stayed quiet."I'l be right back." I said, walking towrds the bathroom.



Emma's POV

 He almost kissed me. AMLOST kissed me. I sighed and walked over tho the seating area. I sat next to a blone haired boy. He looked at me as i put my head down. "Whats wrong?" he asked. "Oh, its.. um.. Its nothing." I replied. "Really? it doesnt look like nothing." "Why do you want to now? I dont even know you." "No  one deserves to be upset and down. Not while i'm around!" He shouted. I giggled. "By the way. I'm Niall." he said with a warm smile. He held out a hand for me to shake. "Emma." I said shaking his hand.



*Meanwhile in the bathroom*

 Louis POV

I put my hands under the warm water. I, for some reason, kinda regret not kissing Emma. It s not like I dont want to. Its just that I dont know if I want to. I heard water running net to me. I looked up and saw a curlie haired boy. He seemed nervous. "Whats up curlie?" he looked up startled. "Oh, um-" "You dont look to happy" I interrupted him. I turned the water off and grapped a paper towel. "I'm going to audition in a few minutes. Im really scared right now." He said in a shaky voice. "Don't worry mate. You'll do great!" "You really think that?" "Sure I do curlie!" "I have a name you know" he said. "Then what is it?" i asked. "Harry Styles."  "Louis Tomlinson" I replied. I thik i just made a new friend.




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