All of Me

My name is Emma Hunter. I live alone in my tiny little apartment. Days pass as I continue to sob and dream about finding someone to be with. Someone to talk to. Someone to love. But I know it's never going to happen. Not till he moves in.


1. one

Emma's POV

  The thunder roared. Lightning flashed across th sky. I huddled myself closer. I was petrified. Rain doesn't come often here in Doncaster. Thunder cracked again. Tears stated ourig dn my cheeks just as the rain did. I was terrified and all alone. Mum left to Ireland to live her new boyfriend. She took everything, including my little brother. He was all that I had left, only because mum startd using the computer to talk to her stupid boyfriend. She would stay in her room all day. The only time she ever came out ws to eat breakfast or dinner. Other than that she was in her room. Then her boyfriend offered for us to stay with him up in Ireland. Me and my brother refused, but she didnt care. She said "If you dont want to go, then you can stay in this apartment alone. You will not come and you will have to care for yourself!" I ended up staying. My little brother had to go because he was still young and needed hi mothers care. So here I am now. Starving, cold, and alone. But i don't regret letting my mum go. i regret nothing. 

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