The Thirteenth district

The Capitol thought they killed everyone in district 13, they thought wrong. Ambrosia is going into the hunger games and reveal herself. Will the Capitol accept her or will president Snow do anything to get her out the Picture


2. The Reaping

Today was the day that all the districts in Panem could not face, the reaping. The Hunger Games is in its 74th year, and this time I’m going to make a statement. I always think that President Snow has not murdered me for a reason. While thinking that I ran to my old house and look for my secret compartment in the squeaky wooden floorboards, and there it was, My Mother’s Reaping Day outfit. It was a simple purple lace dress with black studded flats and a simple silver heart shaped locket, but there was a note, it said.
Dear my lovely daughter,
By the time you read this, I would probably be dead. This is your first reaping and I would want it to be special. If you get reaped, be strong and think of me, I would always be in your heart .Do your best. I would see you soon.
Love your Caring Mother,
I was crying buckets, but I had to hold in the tears. I still had to  get ready, so I  took all my stuff, put it all in my pull string bag and ran to the edge of District 13 to wait for Katiniss’s signal. I heard a sparrow call, which meant Katniss, I returned the call and I saw her running towards me and I gave her a huge hug. ”Come on Ambrosia, we have to get ready.'' Both of us ran quickly dodging peacekeepers and into District 12. Katniss and i were both welcomed by Katniss's Mother. She said I was like a third daughter to her and another sister to katniss and prim. After bathing, we dressed did each others hair and i did Prim's hair.It was 11:55, so we all left katniss's house to the city square for the reaping. -reaping day outfits

Prim was a little scared,  even Katniss an I were freaking out so was our mother. Everyone was sorted into their age group, then District 12's escort Effie Trinket came up to the stage and showed the video, I noticed her outfit, it was gastly. I made a  disgusted face and by the looks of it katniss did too and did the same thing. Then Effie dipped her hand in the glass bowl with the girl names and called the name Primerose Everdeen, my heart stopped I knew what i had to do'' I VOLUNTEER!!! I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!! I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE'' everyone was surprised because no one ever volunteered as a tribute before. I told Prim to find mom and she ran off. I told Effie my name was Ambrosia Everdeen, then she dug into the girls glass and then the boys and called Katniss and a boy named Peeta Melark. That was it the citizens put three fingers to their lips then the sky as a sign of respect, Katniss and I were in the 74th Hunger Games and we came to win.
Katniss, Peeta and I wee led into the justice building, we saw Mom she both hugged Katniss and I, Kat also have me a hug for saving Prim and her mom did too. Prim hugged me longest as a sign of thank you. I told Mrs. Everdeen for being there for me when i had no one left. Then they were pushed out of the building by peacekeepers. then Effie came back along with a man named Haymitch and the five of us boarded the train to the capitol. 

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