The Thirteenth district

The Capitol thought they killed everyone in district 13, they thought wrong. Ambrosia is going into the hunger games and reveal herself. Will the Capitol accept her or will president Snow do anything to get her out the Picture


10. Ready.............Set...........Go!!!

“But why not, we need those things to survive!!!”  , I say to him.
“It’s a bloodbath they want to pull you in so you can die quickly, go find high ground and water, water is your new best friend.” , he says to all three of us. By the time we finished talking we reached the where the airship to take us to the arena,  while Peeta walked towards the ship, Katniss and I went and hugged Haymitch as a symbol of thanks for helping us the past few days. Both of us walked away together not looking back.
My seat was right in front of Cato so seeing him right before I go in there is pretty nerve-racking, just knowing that when we get in there he is going to turn into an animal bent on killing and being the last one standing, can see the look in his eyes, blue eyes that might be full with love if you look really close. He blew me a kiss. This made me blush and sent Cove and Glimmer green with envy with me and each other to see who would win his affections. I just rolled my eyes at their antics and formulated a plan for me to win these games alive.
The ride was short to the arena and now all of us are underground waiting for our worst nightmares to be real, the bad thing about it was that if we run before the countdown ends we would be blown to bits. I saw it before when I watched one of the games when I was younger, she went to pick up her token and she was blown to ashes, they even had to scrape her off the pedestal. I cringed at that, by that that time I was led to door and there stood my stylist Christian. I ran up to him and give a huge hug and told him thank you for everything he had done.
“I know what you can do, and I could bet on you I would. You are a beautiful strong woman and you can make it through anything and I will be rooting for you.” He says reassuringly, and also gives me a kiss on the cheek as goodbye and luck. As I walk towards the tube, I’m just shaking in my boots just wanting to pinch myself hoping the nightmare would end and be back home where I belong. I stepped inside the tube the swooshing sound telling me it’s closed and I cannot escape and the plate starts rising until I see the arena which is a beautiful forest with tall trees and hopefully running water and I also the twenty-three other children who are standing on both sides of me with determined looks on their faces just waiting for the gong to go off to start the games. The countdown starts and a million thoughts are buzzing through my head,
‘Would I survive?!’
‘Would I ever see my home again?’
‘Would Cato still love me even if I die?’
Those things and other questions were buzzing around like a swarm of bees, just waiting to sting me. I just hope I can make it out of this alive, and to tell the tale.
The gong sounds and the bloodbath or free for all has begun and I just ran as fast as my legs took me. Some tributes were dropping like flies against the career pack, I saw Katniss took a bag nearby and made a run for it and Peeta just ran from the scene. So doing the logical thing I took up a bag that was close to my foot took it and just started running, just as I put on my bag and started sprinting I heard a scratchy noise, looked at my bag and saw a knife, looked to where the knife came from and saw Clove ready to end it there and then, she threw another using my bag as a human shield blocking my face I began sprinting into the forest. While running I Knocked into another tribute which I knew as foxface, we looked at each other and nodded our heads making a promise that we never saw each other and not sell each out and we ran in the opposite direction. I just kept running and stopped at a tall tree so I climbed the tree and on the middle branch, I found some strong rope in my backpack which I used to anchor me to the branch so I wouldn’t fall, then I just looked  at the virtual reality sky over the dome.  The arena may be made by the capitol but it looks so real that I can’t help but believe. Loud booms echoed throughout the forest so I started counting,
Twelve of us have moved on to the afterlife and the rest of us remained on earth. I was relaxing in my tree until I heard a noise which was the sound of a camera. For a human made arena, it looks so realstic. I heard the anthem playing so I looked to the Digital Sky which showed us *The Fallen* tributes of the day, since it being the first day a lot of kids died. They were no match for the career pack, after that being over I was just relaxing until i smelt smoke. I turned and a saw a fire, i shook my head knowing that girl or boy would be dead then i heard the scream, it was definately a girl, her cannon went off so that makes it thirteen. So I heard a lot of laughing so I look down to see the career pack laughing.

"Your're sure she went this way?" ,the unknown person said
"Yea, I'm sure that was a trap snare back there" ,replied another person

I looked down to see the career pack and Peeta?!

Peeta went with the Career pack out of all the people in here.

"Why don't we just kill him now!" ,Glimmer said talking to Cato. I was not surprised there but Cato hugging her made my blood boil.

"Nah this is is our only chance to find her, lets go!" ,Cato replied to her.

I just thought bout what would happen, but tomorrow is another day to try to survive, so this makes thirteen gone in the first twelve hours.

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