It's a kind of funny thing


1. It's a kind of funny thing

It's a kind of funny thing how the the thing causing me to lose my mind is in fact my mind

And when you ask me why and tell me to stop if scars on my body you find

It's a kind of funny thing how you told me to be happy, so I tried to go to a place I would be

But you see dying as sinful suicide when a journey to light is simply what I see

It's a kind of funny thing how I'm supposed to be able to let go of what destroys me

But when life is what is destroying me it's wrong to let go, even if you haven't heard my plea

It's kind of a funny thing how everyone just goes, leaves, dies in the end

People come and go, they die and live, but I'm already dead, so why pretend

See life is a kind of funny thing, it's a pointless thing, you're to die anyway

So why not cut you're expenses and effort to live and shorten you purposeless stay

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