Talking to Angels

The names Violet. I'm 19 years old. I work at Hollister for now.. I live alone. I go to rehab a lot. I met this guy there. He's nice... I dont know much of him though.


1. Hello.

"My eyes opened wide. I sat up breathing hard.. I looked around to where I am, my bedroom. I rolled my eyes and plopped back on my pillow. Bad dreams.. I don't even want to talk about it. I looked at my alarm clock and it one minute till 8 o'clock. I got up and went into the shower and did my usual morning routine. When I was finished getting ready I went to my kitchen and pulled out a gallon of milk. I lifted myself up onto the counter and took four gulps of the milk. I put it back into the fridge and grabbed my white iPhone, grabbed my car keys, locked the door, and walked to my car. When I got my damn red truck to start I drove off. 

If your wondering where Im going. I'm going to stupid rehab that my mom makes me go every Monday and Thursdays. 

When I got there. I pushed hard to close the door and walked to the entrance. When I got in I saw a lady behind her desk and she looked up with her green eyes and her black glasses. 

"Hello Violet."

I half smiled and nodded. I walked to the door and went inside. I looked around and saw everyone staring at me. Mr.Carlson walked up to me. "Hello Violet. Please sit." 

I looked all around and saw one seat open. I walked to it and saw Justin sitting there. He cracked a smile when I went to go sit by him. 

I waved and he waved back. 

"How are you doing?" He asked.

I shrugged,"I guess I'm okay." He looked at me in the eye and I looked at Mr.Carlson.

"Well since everyone is finally here lets talk about our back story and WHY you all started going here." 

Everyone told who they are and their back story and why their here. When finally it was my turn.

I took a deep breath,"I'm Violet Ruth. I'm 19. I went to MillCreek Highschool. I did graduate. I um, found a job at Hollister been there for a year now. My parents are alive. My story isnt as tragic as all of yours. I started smoking cigarettes couple months after I started working at Hollister. Then my friend got me into marijuana and I started doing that for awhile and now Im here in this hell hole." I clapped my hands together and smirked. I could feel Justin staring at me so I turned my head to look at him and he was.

Mr. Carlson looked over at Justin,"Justin. Please tell us yours." 

Justin looked at Carlson and nodded,"Well, I'm Justin Bieber. I went to Western High School. I'm 19 by the way. I dont have a job. I live alone in my apartment. I dont really have a back story... I have an amazing family and friends.. I started smoking marijuana when I moved out of my moms house. So. She made me come here to get better. So here I am." He smiled at me. I smiled back.

An hour later I pushed open the door to exit and walked to my car. I felt a warm hand on my arm and I turned around and saw Justin there.

"Hey." He smiled big.

I smiled,"Hi. What's up?" 

"I was wondering if you wanted to go walk to get coffee or something."
I nodded,"Sure." 

I started walking beside him.

"So why did you ask me to come have coffee with you?" I asked,"Not trying to be rude or anything!"
He chuckled,"I wanted to get to know you better."


We were silent for a minute.

"So, you smoke huh?" He asked.

I nodded,"I'm starting to regret it. I just want a normal life. Ya know?"

"Maybe we can get better together." He winked.

I laughed and looked down.


He stopped and I looked at him.

"Dont bring yourself down.. You're beautiful. You seem smart and courageous." He put his hand on my cheek. He looked like he was about to make a move but I started walking again.

"Well thank you for that compliment. You're very sweet." 

We finally got to the coffee shop and I sat down.

"What do you want? I'm buyin."

"I will have a Vanilla Macchiato." 

He smiled and nodded and walked over to the man. 

I looked out the window, spacing out.

"Hey. You okay?"

I looked at him blinking a few times.

He grinned.

I ran my fingers through my brown hair,"Y-yeah. Sorry. I space out sometimes.."

He handed me my drink and I could smell the sweet roasted coffee coming out of it.

"Where do you live? Apartments?"

I nodded,"Yeah. Redlin." 

His eyes widen,"Same!"

I smiled,"Cool!"

"Yeah! You should come over later? Please dont tell me your in the F building."

I laughed,"Then I wont tell you that."



We started talking more and about how he loved writing music. It was about 3pm and we started walking back to our vehicles.

"Well, it was nice talking to you and learning more about you." He smiled.

"Yeah.. It was nice." I smiled and looked into his eyes.

He started getting closer to me and closed his eyes.

I stepped back.

"You should come over to my house tonight. I'll make dinner."

He grinned,"Yeah. 6pm?"

I nodded,"Sounds good."

I waved and he waved back and I walked to my truck.

When I got in I sighed.

He's so cute and so sweet. But I'm not going to kiss him... thats weird. I've only known him for a couple months and we barely even talked.

Ugh! Just going to go home and relax then get ready for him tonight..  



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