Don't let me go, please


1. Tradgic Mistake

Erica POV

I laid in the hospital bed waiting to find out my destiny. Life or death. The doctor walked in and put his head down to the ground. He couldn't look me in the eyes."Erica you have Breast Cancer stage 2." I couldn't believe it. The only words I could manage to say were "NO NO NO NO THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!" Tons of nurses flooded in to calm me down. There was too much going through my head like how was I going to tell Niall? How long do I have to live? Will I live? It was just too much so I collapsed there on the ground bawling my eyes out. That day my mother took me home and Niall came over to hang out. I thought it would be a good time to tell him while we were all alone. "Hey Erica!" Niall said in his irresistible Irish accent. I guess he could see the dis comfort in my eyes because he asked me "what's wrong..?" And then I froze. I couldn't tell him it would make him so sad and I just want to have a good time for as long as possible but then again he is my boyfriend he has the right to know the truth. "Niall I have..stage 2 Breast Cancer..." I trailed off at the end and snapped my head up when he didn't answer. I looked deep into his sea blue eyes and I could see the concern and sadness. "Does this mean you are going to die soon?" He asked with sadness in his throat. "No no baby it just means that I have cancer and the doctors never said that I have a certain amount of time I have to live." Then I felt his amazingly soft hand pull my chin up and then his very soft lips on mine. "Erica I love you too much to put into words." I was utterly shocked, that was the first time he has ever said I love you so I said "I love you more." And with that we spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies.

Niall's POV

We were cuddling watching Godfather but I wasn't really focusing on that. I have been focusing on my princess that I love to absolute death and she has breast cancer? How is this even possible? I know her family. No one in her family has had a past with Breast cancer so it was completely out of the blue. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard light snoring. I brought my angel up to her room and tucked her in then snuck back downstairs and her farther was standing there. "Sir it's not what it looks like.. We were cuddling and then she fell asleep so I carried her to her room and I swear nothing happened and.. I..just-" "it's ok son. I fell that I can trust you to not take advantage of my daughter like that." Her farther said lovingly. "Thank you so much sir." I said with a sigh of relief. " No call me Jim." He said with a half smile. And with that I went home to think about all that has happened today. My princess has breast cancer. I said I love you to the girl of my dreams and her father has accepted me and can trust me. Woah this was one hell of a day.

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