The Misfortunes of Science

Professor Garry Oxlong is a scientist who has built the TimeWatch Guardian. Read this Sc-Fi epic to find out the world it gets him into.


1. Part 1

The Misfortunes of Science!

By Jake Bennett and

Richard Lowe


Prologue by Jake Bennett:


23:31pm The lab year 3564:


The small generator whirred as Professor Garry Oxlong screwed and soldered the last last joints to his latest invention. The lights flicked in the dim lab as the generator slowly died and still he worked until his knuckles were white. Being the only sane person on the planet was hard, tiring work. Ever since the time travel was possible through wormholes people had been damaging the space time continuum without knowing it, his device would stop them forever...

“Professor, the parts you r-r-require are m-m-missing s-s-sir.”Stuttered Axel, his assistant.

“Well you better go and find them!” yelled the professor enraged as he launched an electro-wrench his way, which missed him, hit the generator and damaged the lighting wires.

“GET OUT NOW!!!” he yelled as Axel dashed out quickly. “Stress, it really comes to you” he said to himself. Then he shut up the lab and left for home...


Chapter 1

New York, 3564:


It takes a great man to do something good in life, but it takes a true hero to save a life. This man can only be found when the world is about to crumble to its knees. Garry was slowly shuffling to the lab for another gruelling monday morning, coffee in his hands and a whole load of filed case notes. No one will greet him a pleasant morning, a cup of tea or a collaboration offer, he would just get on with his duties.


The vast world of New York was left behind as he slowly reached the dim, dark alleyway to the Centurion Research Labs. Into the phone box he went, dialled 246-555-1500 and descended down the tunnel...


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