Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


1. Silent Tears

  Lily Evans ran up the moving staircases of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, silent tears streaming down her pretty young face.

  Once she reached the portrait of the fat lady, she was speechless. She was so lost in her own grief and misery, she couldn't even remember the stupid password! Luckily for her, the fat lady had a heart.

  "What's the matter, dear?" She asked kindly. But before Lily could answer, her portrait swung forward to let her pass through the portrait hole, into the place she always felt at home, no matter what.

  She climbed the stairs that led up to the 5th Year Girl's dormitory, and saw her best friend Melody Green waiting for her.

  "I heard about what happened down at the lake," she said softly.

  "I'm sure you did," Lily replied. It was all she could have expected. When something happened, Melody would always be the first to know: In a good way.
  She was very kind. She had long, lightly curly brown hair, that fell gracefully down her back,  Grey-blue eyes that always knew when you were lying,  she was average height and best of all: You could always trust her.
  "So, Severus Snape called you a you-know-what?" She inquired. "No Slytherins?"
  "No Slytherins." Lily replied.
  "Well then," said Melody, acting as though Martians were going to invade Hogwarts any second,     "My worst fears are officially confirmed."
Lily rolled her eyes and laughed. That was another good thing about Melody. She could always make anyone laugh, even in the sincerest of situations. "Which are?" Lily said in mock concern. "You have a case of I-got-called-a-mudblood-by-severus-snapeitus."
"What are the symptoms?"
"Crying day and night, forgetting common room passwords, walking upstairs slowly, you know, the usual." They both laughed, despite the situation.
After fifteen to twenty minutes of recovery, both of the girls returned to seriousness. "But what about James?" Melody asked inquisitively. "Potter? He's just an arrogant toe-rag, along with all of his cronies. I wouldn't be surprised if he won an award for idiocy."

♥~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At potions with Slughorn.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥

James was sure to take the work place next to Lily the next day in potions. Even though her beautiful green eyes were now red and puffy, she still looked nice. As for Snivellus (Snape,) James was tempted to duel him, muggle style. What had made him call Lily a mud-?Oh never mind. Lily, who was opposite him, was successfully avoiding him. "Sirius, can I borrow your dragon hide gloves for Herbology next?" She asked sweetly. Sirius just looked at James, who replied with a silent nod. "Yeah, I suppose you could..." he said slyly. "If..." (You'll find out in a bit.)

Lily's P.O.V

When I'm singing 'Twinkle twinkle little star' I regret agreeing to what Sirius told me to do.  But as I'm doing it, I'm thinking. What if I was just a little too hard on James? Maybe he's not so bad. If he'd lay off Snape for once- WAIT-What am I saying? OK. I'll give him ONE MORE CHANCE.


Authors note: Hey guys! I need more characters so I'm holding a competition. If you wanna enter, just comment your age, Character name, who they are related to, their appearance, personality, etc. The best FIVE will appear in the story! Seeya! PS: How're you liking the story so far? If you haven't guessed, it's the night Harry saw in the pensive (The one after O.W.L.S) If you want me to continue please say so that I know!

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