Girlie & David

Behold; a Lilo and Stitch remake with dirty jokes, Gravity Falls characters, and David Tennant!


5. Chapter Five

The sisters both rushed to the window. Girlie's eyes filled with childish delight, but Prez stared at it a little suspiciously.

"A falling star!" Girlie gasped.

Whatever the green thing was, it crashed into the island, and a car began to beep.

"I call it!" Girlie announced. Pushing her older sister out of the room, she yelled "Get out, get out, I have to make a wish!"

The power flickered back on as Girlie finally succeeded in getting her sister into the doorway. "Can't you go any faster?"

In an antagonist mood, Prez put a hand to her heart. "Oh no . . . gravity is . . . increasing on me . . ."

"No, it's not!" Girlie declared indignantly, trying to force her sister out.

"It is too, Girlie, the same thing happened yesterday." She finally completely collapsed on top of Girlie.

"You rotten sister, your butt is crushing me!" Girlie growled, crawling out from beneath Prez. "Why do you act so weird?!"

She then proceeded to slam the door on Prez's head.

She sat up, rubbing where the wood had made contact, and opened her sister's door a little. She saw the girl get into prayer position next to the bed.

"It's me again. I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won't run away. Maybe send me an angel! The nicest angel you have."

Prez's heart shattered as she listened to the little girl's prayer. She looked down, thinking and close to tears.


Meanwhile, Christopher Eccleston pulled himself out of the wreckage. "This planet is simply FANTASTIC!" He declared, and laughed maniacally.

He scurried out onto the road. It began to rain, and he hissed when he couldn't use his sonic screwdriver to stop it.

Suddenly, a sound came he didn't recognize. He turned to see a little green creature. He pointed his screwdriver at it. "Where are the Daleks? Speak! Speak!"

A honking of horns. He turned to see a big vehicle coming right towards him. He pointed his sonic screwdriver at it and screamed.

It ran right over him. All its wheels. And then a second one came.

"What we just hit?"

The drivers all poured out onto the road to have a look at what had just been run over. One shone a flashlight beneath the semi, but there was no need. A bright golden light blinded them all for half a minute.

"What is it?"

"We better call somebody."


Something about him had . . . changed. He couldn't tell what it was, but he was different somehow. Of course, the other boys cowering from him probably could be pretty good evidence too.


"We just need someone that can defend himself. Someone that won't die. Someone . . . sturdy, you know?" Prez looked at the orphanage owner, a rather beefy woman called Grenda.

"Like a lobster!" Girlie piped up.

"Girlie. No. You cray-cray? Do we have a lobster door? No. We have a people door. We are getting a person."


He sneaked out of the orphanage and nobody noticed. Suddenly, there were three shots at him and he had to hide behind a bush. A familiar voice spoke.

"HAHA, knew I'd never see that face again!"

"Mother . . .?"


"Just put your name and address at the bottom of the for -"

The woman's masculine voice was cut off by the sudden opening and closing of the door, seemingly by itself. All three females looked back only to see nothing, then shrugged and continued the process.

Grenda opened a small door. "The kids are back this way."

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