When Thalia Morris has to choose between helping one of the two enemy states of her island win the civil war, will she agree to use the magic that she is told is within her, or will she explore her powers more individually before using them to end what she has always known?


1. The Desicion

I wake to a beam of sunlight bouncing off the plastic frame of my huts window. Its matted green with seeweed as i live on the very edge of our island. I always call it our island, but honestly none of us deserve it. None of us even know who discoverd it, or how we even ended up here. One of the few people who actually are some use to this place is Dr. R. We call him that because he wants us too, even if it does sound weird. He's ten. On the other hand, he is a child prodigy. And along with the many other unusual predictions about our island life comes some sense In how we got here. He says that one day we all woke up on an island shaped like an arrow because...

"Johnson!" exclaimed the tall man with the rotting beard. "We have to do something, our councillers are becoming more powerfull by the second. Our head predictor has even threatend to destroy our hidden empire". The small akward man sitting oppisite the pacing magicician seemed to consider this statement, altering his gaze away from the gleaming stack of iced buns on the table. "The one in the middle of nowhere sir?". "No the one resting  atop lady liberties crown, Buckett, you blastering idiot!".  The plump man jumped."Yes sir, well that isnt very good, is it sir?". The beareded man sighs "No Bucket, it is not, but i have a plan, lucky for you, i do" Exitement clashes with the anger in the masters voice. "They fight over our pleasures in this very castle while they are stuck in the middle of mortal war. We shall place them all on an island. Move their teritory there and conjoin them all to make an arrow shape. That way if they wish to find my castle they will sail in the direction in which the island shall point, come Buckett we have much to discuss"...

God knows how long later and I find myself living on an island with seventeen ex-magicians. I hear a knock. I grab a dressing gown and slippers and run to the  front door. "Yes?" I gawp as I see two reprosentatives. One dressed in blue, the other black, one for each of the oposing enemies of our civil war. The morning and evening skies. The blue man speaks "Ms.Thalia, we have come to ask a request, our armies have settled our diferences and agreed to make an easier victory by allowing the banished powers of the eighteen magicians back to fight in the current civil war. We have reason to believe you are one of their ancestors as you are seventeen and have the mark" I finger the burnt arrow scar on my left palm. The man continues "You live on the tip of the arrow island, therefore you are the only person not yet involved. You are also very powerfull. We request you to choose which state of magic you wish to fight for. As they are guarunteed to acomplish the victory of the island. The other magicians are all over 55. They are unfit to fight. We usher you to choose now Ms. We have no time to loose." No i think, only lives to loose.

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