New York Days

Many things happen to many different people in New York everyday. A simple fly observes other people and how their life goes. Read on to really understand what I'm talking about..


1. Prologue

When you have a short life, you try to live it to the fullest. You try to understand what life is all about, and how different living beings decide to do with their lives. Many people find me annoying and useless, and that I don't do anything with my short life. But what they don't know is that I, a fly, observe all their actions as a hobby. I like to fly from one place to the other, and watch humans make mistakes, achieve things, be happy or sad.


It's actually very interesting, because here in New York, there are many different types of people. There are rich people, poor people, girls, boys, men, women, homeless people, screaming babies, and many more. People from all around the world come to visit New York, and I can see how people from India, Ireland, Egypt, South Africa, and even Finland, live their lives. 

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