Forever ?


1. Intro



* Kara *

Kara is a normal girl who go's to a rich boarding school that her parents forced her go to, but when she gets there all she sees are celebrities and actors and really rich people's son and daughter's, her first day and every other has drama with every celebrity possible, she hates bulling, when every she sees someone get bullied she will stick up for them and now everyone calls her the angel,she's the caption of the basket-ball team and the foot-ball ( soccer ) team.


She's very friendly but has a pain in the heart, her parents forgot about her, she only had gone there once a whole year and even then they ignore her so she let it be and never went there again, all she gets from them is money to live her life, her parents each are busy. Mom's a doctor who mostly everyone go's to. Dad's a agent who travels the world. Mom stay's in her office most of the time in her life. Dad travels all the time, so she never saw them. No-one know that she can sing. She lives in a dorm with her boy - best - friend, his name is Bryan, he has black hair that's most of the time messy, and blue/orange eyes, they like creepy when he's angry or they a kind of the most beautiful, when he's happy or grumpy so mostly all the time, she kinda has a crush on him. He's also the most hottest boy at her boarding school, so to her it's impossible.


She's the kinda girl that can joke, cry, be happy at the same time if that makes sense. Everyone loves her and when she go's close to boys her heart beats and she shy. She hates how boys fight over her, like she's not a doll. She has flawless skin, no pimples, nothing on her face, then her eyes from far away look like just normal brown eyes, when you get closer her eyes sparkle more, when your in a kissing distance then her eyes are turn hazel with just a tiny bit of green and it's very beautiful. Her hair it's normal she has blond roots, then they turn to brown and at the dips again to blonde. She has " friends " but only two true friends. She is now 21 years old she's studying acting, and dancing, she can sing but no-body knows that. Well she hates fake people, her quote is: Every-one is beautiful all you gotta to do is find out in which way :)


She gets all the gossip even though she doesn't need it, this is the school where not a lot of people get bullied. Every celebrity that comes to this collage/school  has to give up they love life and start a new one with someone different, that sucks for them.

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