New love

Have you ever seen a guy and immediately thought… he's the one? Well, in this story, a girl by the name of Paige is the new girl at Woodland Middle/High School. Paige's brother Tyler plays football and Paige has to go to his practices. One day of practice, Paige was walking and saw a guy in his football pads and had that immediate feeling of, "He's the one."
On the first day of school, she found out that his name was Justin and he had a girlfriend named Brianna. Paige's heart sank until an opportunity of her dreams approaches, but doesn't last long...


1. New Beginnings

Character: Paige Rose Kemp

Height: 5'5"

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue/Green

Favorite thing to do: Play Volleyball, Basketball, Soft Ball, Baseball with the family and friends, Swimming, and anything to do with the outdoors.

(FYI: This story is true, but the only thing different is the names, height and eye color. Everything else is true.)


The cool wind lifted my hair up and laid it calmly against my back. I shut the door of the car and began to walk toward the practice field.

"Did you get all your stuff?" Asked my dad.

"Yes... Don't worry, I'm 14 now, I can take care of myself dad." Said Tyler, ending with a laugh.

"Okay then." Dad responded. "Paige, are you going to stay here for the practice?"

"Yeah," I respond. "I'll watch for a little, then I have to go to the store."

"Well, do you have any money?" Asked my dad. 

"I have five dollars," I say, pulling the money out of my pocket.

"Here's ten bucks." He said smiling at me.

I give him a quick hug as I put the money into my pocket. My phone vibrates and I know I have a text message.

"I have to go...  call me when practice is over." Yelled dad.

"Okay!" I yell back.

I finally get the chance to pull out my phone just as dad gets in the car and drive's away. I stand in the middle of the Woodland middle/high school parking lot by the bleachers. I begin to walk down toward the field, and the school is just up the hill from the practice field. They have a public swimming pool. Luckily, I brought my purple bad that has adidas written on the side in neon pink letters, that had my swimming suit and a towel in it. I click my phone to the lock screen and enter my passcode. 2 2 8 5. I have had this iphone4 for 3 months now, and I love it. I open up my messages and there's one from my best friend from my old school named Heidi. 

Heidi: Heyy :) How you likin' ur new school?

Me: It's ok... :/ the open house was 2 days ago, and it's a pretty big school but...

Heidi: But what? R u nervous for your 1st day of school? Isn't it tomorrow? 

Me: Yeah...and the only thing I'm nervous about is the making friends part.

Heidi: Don't worry, I'm sure u'll make a lot of new friends... but I'll always be ur #1 BIFFLE:)

Me: lmao. of course:) I gotta go, gonna watch my brother practice football :P

Heidi: Ok ;) I'm sure ur there 4... oh, Idk... the cute boys? lmfao

Me: Haha, maybe :) I'll let u know if there are any keepers round' here 

Heidi: Kk. Make sure to keep me updated! Good luck ;)

Me: Kk. Won't let ya down and thx :)

I laugh and lock my phone. I put it into my pocket and run after my brother at the top of the hill by the entrance of the pool. All the other boys are walking up with their gear. I see a couple of guys that look cute and I even catch a couple looking at me. Since I'm new, they don't know me...obviously.                                                                                                                                            The Coach starts reading off all their names to make sure their all here. Everyone says 'here' except one person. His name was Justin. I didn't happen to catch his last name, but he wasn't here yet. Everyone is looking around mumbling his name, when all of a sudden, everyone turns their attention to the grass. A young, flawless boy, walking towards us wearing his gear. He makes it up to the rest of the boys and starts talking to the coach. But right now, the only thing I'm thinking of is him. Justin... Justin... I wish I knew his last name.

When he finish's talking to the coach, he just so happens to look my way. I catch a smile and I return one back to him. He turns around toward the field and puts his helmet on. The coach yells something that muffles to the back of my mind. It's the last thing I can think about now.                  I switch my brain back to reality and go to the pool. I walk through the doors to the pool and sign in at the front desk. I have to pay $3 to get in. I go to the locker room for the public and slip on my baby blue bikini. I wrap my faded pink towel just above my waist and walk out to the pool. The water is cool and soothing. I hop right into the pool. It always takes me a little bit to a just to the temperature of the water.                                                                                                                                I begin to swim back and forth from one end of the pool to the other until I get bored. I get out of the pool and dry myself off. I walk back to the locker room to change and grab my phone. When I'm done, I look at the time on my phone. My dad dropped my brother and I off at the school at 6:00, and now it's 6:25. It felt like I was in there longer than I really was, but I guess not.                  I walk out the door and begin to walk toward the practice field. I stop at the feeling of my phone vibrate. I bring it to the lock screen and put in my passcode. 2 2 8 5. I thought it was a text but it was an update on Instagram. I got 3 more new followers! That makes 1,219 followers.           While I'm on it I decide to add some pictures of me at my new school. When I'm done posting pics of me on Instagram, I start walking down to the practice field. I lay my jacket on the grass, and sit on it. I go back and forth from watching the boys, to playing flappy bird on my phone. I just reached my high score of 169 yesterday. 


Time passes by and it's the end of practice. I pick up my jacket and wipe off what I can get of dirt and ants. I put my phone in my pocket and walk over to where all the boys put their water bottles and pick up the one with tape on it that says 'Tyler Kemp'. The coaches have the boys in a circle on their knees, while their telling them what their going to do tomorrow at practice. Since tomorrow is the first day of school, I will have to stay after for his practice. (It's monday, and the first day of school starts on a tuesday.) The boys all stand up and raise their hands and helmets up in the air together. I know then, that their done with practice. They break away and everyone begins to run to get their water bottles. I'm still standing there with my brothers water bottle, so I move and let the other boys get theirs. I see Justin. He's with his dad talking to the coach. They begin to laugh as they make their way to the water bottles. 

"Thanks, but like I told dad, I can take care of myself." Says Tyler, acting snobby and looking exhausted. 

"I'm just trying to help, but whatever." I say as I pull out my phone to text dad to come pick us up.

We walk up to the parking lot, and I don't notice it until I turn around, but Justin was walking right behind me. 

"Hey," He said, talking to my brother. I step out of the way so he could talk to him. "Your name's Tyler right?

"Yeah," Tyler responds. 

"And your new her at Woodland?" He asked in a voice that made me want to melt on the cement. 

"Yeah, to this school anyway, but we have lived her for a while." Says Tyler.

"Oh, okay. Well, I'm sure you'll like it here." He says being polite.

"Thanks man." Says Tyler, which makes me giggle a little.

"And who are you? I'm Justin." He says, talking to me.... wait... He's talking to me!!

"I'm Paige. Tyler's brother." I respond, trying to sound cute and serious at the same time.

"Oh cool. What grade are you in?" He asked, sounding interested.

"I'm in tenth grade. I'm 16." I respond with a smile. 

"Same here. I'm in tenth grade too." He says.

"Cool." I say, nonchalantly. " So, I'll see ya around at school?" 

"Yeah." He says. I hear a car horn and Justin looks across the parking lot, not too far away. "I have to go. I'll see you guys tomorrow!" 

"See ya bro!" Yells Tyler.

He turns around and waves his hand in the air and begins to run to his car. He gets in the passenger seat and he disappears into the long stretch of road.

Dad pulls up and honks the horn. I stand there dazed about the thought that Justin talked to me. He really talked to me. We had a conversation and he agreed that I would see him tomorrow... I mean, we would see him tomorrow. I hear another honk and run straight to the car.

"Have fun?" Dad asked.

"You have no Idea." I say and relax into the leather seat. Justin... Justin... I can't wait till' tomorrow.

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