I know i can do it

This is a journey ,a journey that no one is better than anyone ,no one gets better grades,or maybe even has better looking clothes everyone is the same but special so I hope you enjoy this story


1. My life with dyslexia !!!

Hey my names Canny ,I know it's a pretty stupid name but ,I didn't name myself ok!

So I'm 13 and I was born and diagnosed with dyslexia ever since I was 2 .And believe me I hate it ! It makes me feel like I'm stupid and dumber than the others ,and the worst part is I can't overcome it like they say in movies ,the doctor says its cause I have too little confidence in myself .but I'm pretty sure every one is thinking the same thing 'do I get bullied?' The answer is yes I do ,but this is not a story about my life with dyslexia or my bullying story , this is a journey ,a journey of my adventure ......


A/N: Hey everyone! My name is Natasha. I know this is a short chapter but I'm a beginner and I hope I can be encouraged to update! So plz maybe comment, like or favourite! Love everyone!

- Nat :)

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