How is it possible

Love is such a myth, being in love makes the world a better place; you seem to be lost in another world. But do all love stories are meant to be, one may ask. Is it possible to fall in love with the wrong person? They say love is blind, but is it so blind that it shuts the truth totally out. All you see is what you desire to see, even if it may have dire consequences. Can you be too cautious in love?


1. Chapter 1

Martin was very cautious when it came to love and commitment. He was so much preoccupied with his work that left him little time to socialize or to find someone. He was not complaining, he had his fair share of relationships, and every time when it ended badly, he said he won’t chase again. And, now with his company flourishing, and expanding, he felt no need for finding someone. He was content with the pace of his life.

And, more than the work, he was responsible for someone today, he was not alone. He had a promise to keep. His sister’s son, Adam. His sister died in a car accident two years back, and Adam’s father died when he was an infant, due to cancer. Adam was just five, and he could hardly recollect anything related to his parents. And, being the closest relative alive, Martin took in Adam. Little did he knew that this boy will become his world soon.

Beginning, it was not easy for Martin to change his lifestyle according to a kid. He had just started his advertising firm with his friends, and with client meetings, projects, money issues, and Adam, Martin struggled. And, winning over a kid who lost his family was a daunting task. They both took time to know each other and they knew that they both were the family for each other, hence the have to accept and make this work. And, now two years down the lane, their bond has grown strong and if a person walks unto them without knowing their relation, they won’t be able to tell that Martin is Adam’s uncle. For an outsider he was a great dad to Adam.

Adam also came to trust Martin and let him into his innocent world. He accompanied Adam to all his school functions, parent teacher meet, coaching his school football team. They spent weekends in parks, taking drive, going to sea beach etc. Martin managed all this by myself, no help, no nanny, all by himself. This made Adam felt loved and cared for again. He seldom remembered his parents, but Martin was there, and he knew he will be there. And, due to his responsibility towards Adam, Martin stopped the carefree life he once had. With Adam, a growing company he had all that he ever required. Or Did he?

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