One of the guys.

Zayn Malik .
Every girl in school thought he was hot ,
but Alisa felt like he was a bad boy and a bad influence , but could a math class bring them together ? Will she fall in love with him ? But does he feel the same ?


2. Chapter 2


3....2.....1....0..... It was finally the end of the day . I was going to be able to see Zayn ! ew . you said you wouldn't fall for him!!! I went to my parking spot and waited about 10 min until Zayn showed up. it's about time!

"Oh , you're here !" I said trying to make it look kinda like he wasn't everything I was thinking about by the time the bell rang.

"Sup" . sup? seriously ? don't judge him ! He's perfect ! You're falling for him !

"Do you want to follow me back in your car , or what?" I tried to make it sound cool and casual .

"Nah, I don't have my car , my shitty brother crashed it in the driveway . " So he's coming with me ?! Wait my cars a mess !

"hey can you go throw this away ?" I said pointing the trash can farthest away . Hey maybe this could give me some time to clean up. I quickly threw out all the trash I had and put it on the curb. "Are you ready nooooow?" . This boy was gonna be a hassle. We got in my car and the drive to my house was quiet . I wanted to break the ice . make things comfortable . "sooo you're Zayn? I hear you're single ? Fav color? " waaaayyy too many questions !

"Yep, uh-huh, and idk , I don't focus on colors ." It felt awkward the rest of the way to my home. Luckily it was only 2 more min until we got to my house .

I parked the car and I un-locked the door to my "mansion" . as my friends called it . I could tell Zayn was surprised by the way his mouth made an "o" form .

"near house . do you have a bathroom ? " he asked me . gosh his accent was too die for!

"yeah , I'll show you up , it's on the way to my room and I'm gonna change anyways so I'll just show you ". so we started walking up the stairs. I showed him the bathroom and I rushed to my room . Zayn Malik is in my house . OMG. play it off . wear something' cute !! let's see , sweats and a tank top? I think yes! I changed and was just about to exit my room when Zayn stopped me .

"Hey sexy , are your parents home?" he asked me .

"nope , went to go visit my aunt . she's sick . " Zayn just called me sexy .

"Great" he said winking . He pushed me to my bed and whispered something into my ear "I've been wanting to do this to you for the longest time ever" . he then pulled out a condomn out of his pocket . was I going to lose my virginity right now?!

"Zayn , I can't !" I yelled .

"Resisting only makes me wanna do it even more " . he started pulling up my shirt to reveal my green bra with polka dots. "cute " he whispered in my ear while winking . I was excited for some reason . when his hand touched my back I felt shivers go down my spine. "new to this huh? well I'm gonna make it fun" he said with the cutest wink of my life . he un-hooked my bra and placed his cold hands on my boobs . why was I liking this? I went with my instinct and pulled off his shirt . woah he had some nice abs. I was just about to say something when he crashed his lips onto mine . something about this kiss made me want to just do "it" already . I yanked down his pants without breaking the kiss . he ordered me to get on my knees . so we stopped kissing and there I was stuck in the most awkward situation of my life . giving him a bj. I went ahead and stuck it in my mouth . hey this wasn't so bad . "that's enough of that . now get on the bed lying on your back" he said with a surprisingly now sexy voice . I did as I was told . he got on top of me and started un-buttoning my pants . he yanked them off and and went flying my lace thong . "lace , my favorite " he said right before sticking the condom of his dick . this is actually happening . Next thing I knew , he was sticking his dick in my vagina . I moaned. I looked up at him only to see him smiling . He did it again . hes a pro . I'm guessing . Then he ripped it out of me . He started smiling and took the condomn off . I was aching . "Now let's get to studying " . he whispered in my ear . I nodded and layed there for about a min before he started helping me with my clothes . what a gentlemen .

We walked downstairs and started studying . We were almost finished when he looked at me and stopped taking . "You're gorgeous alisa" . he told me . I felt myself blush . He leaned in and we started making out .

I think I'm starting to like Zayn.

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