One of the guys.

Zayn Malik .
Every girl in school thought he was hot ,
but Alisa felt like he was a bad boy and a bad influence , but could a math class bring them together ? Will she fall in love with him ? But does he feel the same ?


1. Chapter 1

What was the big fuss about ? So what Zayn Malik was now single? For me he was just another guy at Stanford High but not for the other girls . My name is Alisa Brown . I'm about 5'6 and I have long brunette hair . I wasn't necessarily popular here , but I was asked out a lot . Anyways back to the whole "Zayn being single" topic . THIS IS STUPID !!!!! I mean don't get me wrong , he's hot , like really hot . Just not my type . Even though we never talked , I could tell that all he was , was plain old trouble . I had him for math , and probably some other classes but I never really payed attention to him . Sure , I caught myself staring at him a little , but not drooling or anything .

Ring Ring Ring !!!

There goes the bell , I thought . I had to go to math . YUCK . At least I got to be with Zayn . WHAT AM I THINKING ?!? I can't like Zayn !!!! just stop thinking about him ! okay . this would be kind of easy .

When I walked into class the first thing I noticed was Zayn . you're not into him !!!! What was going on with me ? I noticed on the board that we had a new seating chart . What is this , kindergarten? I went up to check the list only to see something that made my heart stop . Alisa brown next to Zayn Malik. no no no ! Part of me was excited that I could sit next to him but the other part envied the teacher for this list .

I went and put my stuff at my new desk only to see that Zayn was sitting there .

"Excuse me , but that's my seat now. " did I sound too pushy?

"Oh and where am I going to sit?" ugh I hated that attitude already !!

"Right here" I said pointing to the seat next to me .

He got off my desk and went to his . Either my mind was going crazy or did he just wink at me?!? Well I was right , he did wink at me , because he did it again! This time with a smirk . I felt my heart melt. what am I thinking ?! Snap back to reality !!! he would never fall for you so get over it! Right . Get over it. He probably does that to everyone .

Next thing that happened made me do 10000 backflips in my mind . The teacher said "Go ahead and pair up with the person next to you . That person will be your partner for the rest of the year !" . OMG OMG IM DREAMING !!!! Ugh was I about to start have feelings for this guy ? The rest of the class period I sat there day dreaming about me and Zayn .yep you're falling for him Alisa . At the end of class I saw Zayn walk up to me.

"Hey , I'm Zayn and I don't really understand shit he's saying so do ya mind hanging out with me today after school to tuter me ? I mean , because you are the smart one out of us "

"Sure , I'm Alisa btw . and meet me by my car in parking spot 'B5' .

He nodded and walked away . what just happened?!?!

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