Just Another Boy From Pennsylvania

Sophia Sikes was a broken girl against the world. Sure, she was just only 13 years of age…but can't anyone be broken? She has really good friends though, her two closest ones are Lexi Carnelle and Richard Mead. Although honestly she has feelings for Richard but she hides them just hoping one day that they will be something. But what happens when Sophia downloads an app to make friends? Can one person and one message change her life…forever?


1. Sophia 11-3-13

Dear Diary,

So I'm pretty sure this is the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life. I mean i get that my life totally sucks but i still don't get why I'm turning to pencil and paper to deal with it. But whatever I guess. So…yeah I'm Sophia. Im anti social and angry at the world what about you? Nah, I guess i really shouldn't be this way. I mean some kids have it way worse than me.  But for some reason I'm always sad. I guess I'm insane.

I have some pretty awesome friends though. They're always there to back me up on everything and i mean everything. We've known each other for like ever and i love them with all of my butt…i would say heart but lets face it my butts bigger. Candice, Lexie, and Tami are there through it all and i don't know what i would do with out them. They're  my favorite girls and i love them so much.

I also have a guy best friend named Richard and he's so cute and adorable..i can't even. We go to different schools  though but he's amazing. He brought me a milkshake last week for no reason and i just thought it was the sweetest thing ever honestly. Then he stayed and played video games for a while. Let me just say this: Call of Duty+Really perfect guy+milkshakes= a really perfect night. I'm not gonna lie here, i have a major crush on him. We've been talking for about 4-5 months now and he has totally stolen my heart.  He said he was going to come watch me cheer tomorrow at the football game. If only he knew how  much he meant to me...


I also live in a horrible small town. Its so boring and i hate it so much. I mean i really just don't fit in…at all…everyones all country and junk and I'm just over here like "Screamo and Dupstep". Yay me i guess.  I can't wait to get out. Im going far in life and no one will hold me back. No one. Im getting out of this small town and making something of my self. I have dreams to  big for this town.


Well…until next time,


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