Dark Angel

Erin is an angel. Her family are from the white world. They couldn't be more different from the demon world. The dark world as Cathy, her mum called it. Erin learnt to shun demons and to avoid them at all costs. Until an orphan boy is found on their door step. Erin finds herself drawn to him and his mysterious nature. But he is a demon sent from the black world to find a victim.
A war is beginning. A sacrifice must be made to the demon world bring peace. Or chaos will tear everything apart.


3. Compassion - Erin

Another beautiful day. Same as always. I have never known it any other way. But I won't bore you with a description of the weather. I should cut to the chase. I will tell you why this day was different. The day everything changed.

He was lying on our doorstep having dragged himself from the fountain just down the street from where I lived. Thin, ragged clothes. Sad sunken eyes. Pale skin. He seemed very thin and malnourished. Like a walking skeleton.

Mother and I were walking back from the fruit fields by the spring. All kinds of fruit grew there and anyone could pick as much as they needed.

"Mother, look!" I exclaimed.

Mother knelt beside him with a look of concern on her face. As she touched his forehead, she suddenly recoiled as if he had burnt her.

"There's nothing we can do for him." she said quickly stepping away from him to open the front door (Doors were never locked in this world. Crime did not exist.)

"But mother, can't we at least try to help him?" I protested.

Angels never turned down those in need. Help was always given to those who needed it.

Mother shook head, "I'm sorry, Erin."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could mother refuse to help someone? I could feel surges of irritation beginning to flare up but tried if conceal it. It was not normal for an angel to get angry. They didn't even feel it.

"Then let me help him." I said firmly, "Angels never refuse to help others. I have to try."

Mother sighed deeply, "Alright, but you're on your own."

I nodded showing I understood. Mother turned to open the front door. Crime did not exist in this world. Doors never needed to be locked as there was no risk of breaking and entering.

"But angels also know those who should not be helped." mother muttered as she went into the house.

I knelt beside the boy and gently touched his forehead. It felt warm to the touch but I did not react in the same way as mother. I could not understand why she had recoiled so sharply. I assumed his skin was warm because he was ill. Angels only had cool skin.

"Whatever it takes," I whispered to him, "I will do whatever I can to help you."

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