Dark Angel

Erin is an angel. Her family are from the white world. They couldn't be more different from the demon world. The dark world as Cathy, her mum called it. Erin learnt to shun demons and to avoid them at all costs. Until an orphan boy is found on their door step. Erin finds herself drawn to him and his mysterious nature. But he is a demon sent from the black world to find a victim.
A war is beginning. A sacrifice must be made to the demon world bring peace. Or chaos will tear everything apart.


4. Behind Enemy Lines

So I made it. I was behind enemy lines in an angel household. The girl seemed really keen to help me even if her mother hadn't. I think she had sensed who I was. I would have to be wary of her.

I was lying in a surprisingly comfortable bed with a damp cloth on my head (she clearly had not realised what I was, that the cloth would prove useless). It couldn't be more different to where I had come from. In my world, we slept on bed frames of iron with the thinnest mattress possible. Here, the pure white mattresses were thick and soft. The open window let in a light breeze making the room feel cool and pleasant. The silver bed frame held pure white sheets and a light blue duvet. The walls were pure white and the floor was wooden. Turning my head, I saw the window was full length and opened onto a small balcony that held a table and chair. A small silver chandelier decorated with white doves hung from the white ceiling. A table with a large mirror sat facing the bed, a small television also sat on it. There was a wooden wardrobe and drawer cabinet beside the bed. A blue-green jewellery box with doves painted on it sat on top of the drawer cabinet. Little knick-knacks also lay around the room.

There was a knock at the door and the girl who had helped him entered holding a bowl of something steaming. I sat up weakly as she sat in the armchair beside me.
"What is it?" I asked indicating the steaming bowl.
"Soup." she said gently placing it on my lap and handing me a silver spoon.
She got up to leave, before she left she made sure to tell me I just had to call her if I needed anything. My first thought towards her was that she was beautiful. Tall and slender, milky white pale skin, her lips a deep pink, her eyes an electric blue. Her most surprising feature to me was her hair. It tumbled down her back in beautiful waves. But this did not interest me. It was the colour: jet black. Not the normal colour of angels. This is how I knew I had found the right person.
Luring her wouldn't be easy. But that would come. In time. It was my mission to keep the peace between our worlds, whatever the cost. I could not, would not fail.

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