Werewolves and boybands

Crystal Claudia, Niall Horan, Scott McCall, Stiles Stillinski... What will happen to those 4 people and how will it turn out?


1. chapter 1

Crystal's POV

The bell rang as I got into math class. It was the horrifying Monday that everyone hated. I wasn't one of the popular kids or those nerds but I considered myself as one of those kids who were cool and had a normal life. Well I'm kinda like that. I go to Beacon Hills high school and I'm in 10th grade. Hi I'm Crystal Claudia."Miss Claudia?" Mr. Applebaum called me as I snapped out of my daydream. "Yes Mr. Applebaum?" I asked. "What is the answer to number 25?" He asked. "Uhhhhhhh 56." I guessed. "Yes it is 56." He had said. As always I would always be sitting at the back and I would always have to talk loud so that the 46 year old teacher would hear me. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and with that a guy with bleached blonde hair with brown hair mixed came into the door. "Well hello Mr. Horan." Mr. Applebaum said. I heard every girls whispering in the room. My best friend Elizabeth was spazzing out on the other side of the room squealing. "Silence!" Mr. Applebaum shouted throughout the whole room. He sighed for a moment and then he started talking. "Today class we have a new student in our class his name is" "NIALL JAMES HORAN!" All the girls screamed except me. I didn't even give a heck about who the hell he was. "Yes he is. And Niall I want you to sit next to Crystal right there. Crystal please hold your hand up." He said. I raised my hand up and he saw me and came and sat next to me. '"Hi." Niall said to me. "Hi." I said back. And he had that confused face.

Niall's POV

I walked into class and I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day. I just felt it.... " Well hello Mr. Horan" Mr. Applebaum said to me I smiled back at him and looked around to see all the guys groaning and girls whispering with smiles on their face. One girl with Dark brown hair and shoulder length curly hair cought my sight. She was sitting alone at the back of the room day dreaming. She didn't even seem like she cared wether I was in the room or not. "Scilence!" Mr. Applebaum screamed to the class. I jumped back a little bit of how much his voice can go loud.

As he I introduced me to the class and all the girls screamed my name I kind of got surprised. But that girl was still just there without even caring. I had a feeling that I would become really good friends with her one day...

"Yes he is. And Niall I want you to sit next to Crystal right there. Crystal please hold your hand up." Mr. Applebaum said to a girl and I looked to see the girl that was at the back of the room raising her hand.

"Hi." I said to her.

"Hi." She said back to me. It seemed like she didn't care about who I was and just payed attention to the class.

"So you're Crystal?" I asked her silently during the class.

"Yeah." She answered back. I could see that she wasn't one of those nerds cause I saw her texting with someone during the class.

I just sighed and went back to staring at the board. "Somethin wrong?" She asked. 'Awwwww she's so cute.' I thought 'NO. Don't fall for her.' I said to my self.

"Oh, No. I'm just bored.. Is he always like this?" I asked.

"Haha yeah it's boring but he's actually really nice to me cause he thinks that I always pay attention to the class." Crystal said to me quietly.

I could tell all the girls were staring at Crystal and me with death glares shooting at her. "Just don't stare at them or talk to me right now. They will push me down and all that later after class." Crystal whispered without even looking at me. "Why?" I whispered back. "Cause they are jealous of me cause you're sitting next to me and talking to me." She whispered back again. I made an O with my mouth and daydreamed for about 5 more minutes until the bell rang and everyone came rushing up to me and Crystal. She was just there packing her stuff. Until a girl came and dragged her out of the classrooms and they went to their lockers. I was guessin they were best friends.

I followed them outside as all the girls sighed and gave Crystal and the other girl the death glare. I saw them dragging their feet out of the class.

"Hey Crystal!" I went out and went to her locker. "Yeah?" She turned as the other girl turned around as her face brightened up.

"Where do I go next?" I asked showing her my sheet with my classes in.

"Oh my gosh I'm gonna get so much hate..." She said as she showed her friend the sheet.

"W-why?" I asked her.

"I have all the classes with you..."

'Score!!!!!!!!' I thought to my self '

"H-hi I'm Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzie if you want." The other girl said. I didn't care right now about her. But atleast look at her right? So I did and said 'hi' back to her.

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