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Hey so this is a story I am writing on wattpad so if it looks like you have read it.

Zayn Malik is a fresh-more its the university of Ireland. He never really fit in. He was emo and everybody thought he was wired cause he was quiet and suicidal.Also he was gay he tried to keep it a secret but someone found ou. His parents didn't know what to do after he tried to commit twice and got counseling from several therapist. Then an Irish lad named Niall came into his life. Can he open his widow to life.


5. the dream

~~Zayn's P.O.V

 I spent 2 more days in the hospital and then went home only to find my sister cutting and burning up all my stuff."Zayn i thought you were dead so i tried to save mom the trouble of throwing them away""i text you saying he was ok"mom said sounding really mad at sis."well it is ok it was just clothes and stuff i still some stuff.""don't worry Zayn she will get you EVERYTHING back""ok well i am going to bed""goodnight"night"i replied to my mom. I walked into my room only to find my bed covered in blood just as i left it.I decided to just put a blanket over it and go to bed, not caring how much my sister hated me.


I was in a meadow but it was pouring. I wasn't getting wet though, I had no umbrella also. Just like a circle around me like I was in a tube. Then I saw him. the blonde in the hospital. He was not getting wet also. I went closer to him as he did me I tried to speak but my voice was gone. We were about 2 feet away from each other when he reached out his hand inches away from mine. It was now pouring around us now with 2 tornados around took his hand and for 3 seconds it was perfect then our tubes broke and one tornado took him flying up in the air then the same happened to me but we were going in opposite directions.

~dream over~

I woke up paralyzed shaking. What if that was a sign that I should stay away from him. Or a sign that we should be closer. I got dressed and headed to school headed to school not speaking to my mom or my sister about my dream. Once I got there, there was a crowd of people round someone or something so I went to Mrs.Strawberry about it

"Mrs.Strawberry what is all the crowd for."" we got a new student his name is Niall and he is from Ireland""oh also I had I weird dream and I was hoping that you could help me understand it.""ok go for it.""ok well I was in a meadow but it was storming but there was a tube around me so I wondn't get wet.""ok and"well there was guy that I saw in the hospital last time I was there that was perfect but he was on the other side of the field and we were walking towards each other about to touch then we touched and bascily killed eachother.""oh well what did the guy look like""oh stunning he had blonde hair and blue eyes that were perfect""was he short with braces""um yeah I guess why""oh well you just described Niall perfectly""really""yep".

This was amazing the most beautiful person ever went to my school. Now I wounder if my dream ment for me to stay away from him or come closer.





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