Roommates (Exclusively on Movellas)

Diana is just a normal girl. She ends up buying an apartment room with one condition that makes the offer cheaper. She has to share the apartment with another person.
Harry Styles is an abnormal guy. He ends up buying an apartment room and doesn't realize that he will have to share it with someone.
Anything can happen when your roommates.
"I feel like he completes me, as if I am just merely a fraction without him. Lonely, wasted, without someone to love is how I would be if I didn't have him to hold onto." Diana.

"When I saw her the first time, I didn't know what to think. She was so beautiful and once I got to know her, I loved her. Without her, my life has no purpose, no function, no reason to be. She means the world to me." Harry


7. Chapter 7

I woke up with Diana and I on the couch, her in my arms. She looked so peaceful laying down, with some hair in her face, and eyes closed. I got up slowly and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. My phone buzzed and I unlocked it. 

A girlfriend!!? If you wanted a girlfriend you should have come to us! She needs to be a lot prettier. Get rid of her in a month or the contract ends!!


I rolled my eyes and set my phone down. Modest! was serious though, they wouldn't have sent exclamation points or threaten to end the contract if it wasn't important. 

"But Diana is important to you!" my mind whispered. I didn't know if Diana mattered more than all of our careers but I loved her. 

"What are you saying. Diana matters more!!" She did matter, but I can't give up my career. 

"What's wrong Haz?" I heard her voice behind me. 

"Oh nothing," I said a little too quickly. She smiled and I put my arms around her. I loved her smile.

"We have nothing to do today so I was wondering if we could go on a date?" I asked.

"Sure, if that's a question." She giggled.

"How 'bout we go to the mall close by." I suggested. Se nodded and I twirled her around and spun her into me like we were dancing. She laughed and kissed me on the nose before leaving to go get changed.

Why do I have to get rid of Diana?

I texted. I almost immediately got a response.


That one word answer struck me again. Without our fans, we would be no where. With our fans, our lives are desperate. We can't go anywhere without risking our safety. Without Diana, I don't know.

'Exactly. You don't know because it's too painful.'

It would be too painful without her. I have only known her for a couple of days but I feel as if I already love her. The way my heart broke when I thought she left, or when it fluttered when she said she would be my girlfriend.

"Harry are you ok?" Her voice asked from behind me.

"Yes, just deep in thought babe." I answered.

"Deep in thought about what?" She questioned, stepping forward, closer to me. I took a step forward and placed my lips on hers. Fireworks exploded as I deepened the kiss. She smiled into the kiss and moaned, earning a smirk from me.

"Us." I answered.

"Want to catch a movie," I asked after getting dressed.

"Sure what?"

"Your pick. I don't care." I answered.

"Frozen!!!" She yelled.

"Ok. Let's go." I said running out the door, with her following. Instead of using the elevator, we ran like children. I waited for her at the entrance and we walked to the cinema.

I bought the tickets and we went to get popcorn and drinks.

"No it's fine Harry, I don't need a popcorn." She argued.

"Uh I don't care if you don't need one, I'm Harry Styles and have money to spend and I intend to use it on my girlfriend." I smirked. She rolled her eyes and I bought two large popcorns and two large chocolate milkshakes. I handed her her drink and my drink and we walked to our theater and seats without getting mobbed by anyone.

"Have you seen Frozen before?" He asked me.

"Ya, Liam loves Disney movies. He's obsessed with Let It Go!" I answered chuckling. We sat down towards the back of the theater and she moved the armrest so we could cuddle with each other. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my shoulder. The movie started and we laughed at every funny part; and may I say we were the loudest. A few dirty looks were thrown in our direction.

The credits rolled and I helped her up and we threw away our trash.

We walked out of the cinema to have it pouring rain outside.

"Run." She asked.

I grabbed her cheeks and kissed her right then and there. She smiled into the kiss and I could hear paparazzi yelling and cameras flashing. Her hands curled on my chest and she smiled into the kiss.

When I broke the kiss, she was still smiling. I was probably grinning from ear to ear. Cameras and people were all around us as we stood there, feet on the wet pavement.

We walked back to the apartments and she stopped in front of the building.

"Thank you Harry."

"I would do anything to make you happy." I smiled.

"As long as I'm with you, I'm happy."

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