Roommates (Exclusively on Movellas)

Diana is just a normal girl. She ends up buying an apartment room with one condition that makes the offer cheaper. She has to share the apartment with another person.
Harry Styles is an abnormal guy. He ends up buying an apartment room and doesn't realize that he will have to share it with someone.
Anything can happen when your roommates.
"I feel like he completes me, as if I am just merely a fraction without him. Lonely, wasted, without someone to love is how I would be if I didn't have him to hold onto." Diana.

"When I saw her the first time, I didn't know what to think. She was so beautiful and once I got to know her, I loved her. Without her, my life has no purpose, no function, no reason to be. She means the world to me." Harry


3. Chapter 3

I shivered as the movie started. Not because I was cold. Because I was scared. Harry and I occupied different ends of the couch.

"Babe are you ok," Harry questioned.

"Yes I'm fine," I lied.

"No you are not," he said.

He scooted over to me and I cuddled with him. I hid my face in his chest when I was scared. I have to admit. Harry was a good cuddler.

The credits rolled and Harry and I got out of our position.

"Why don't we go tour around London and I'll show you everything?" Harry suggested.

"Sounds good," I said and went to go do my morning routine. I got dressed and brushed my hair and teeth. I would take a shower later since it was 12:34 am. Once I was done I met Harry at the front door and got my key.


"Ready as I'll ever be." I answered.

He grabbed my hand and we walked outside. Once we got out of the apartment building, paps surrounded us.

"Don't listen to them and hold onto me," Harry said.

"Ok," I answered.

"Hey Diana. Why so ugly?" One pap asked. I kept going.

"Diana you are so pretty. Can you come model for us," someone yelled. I smiled.

"You are a slut," a pap yelled at me. I stopped in my tracks and so did Harry.

You can call me ugly but when you call me a slut that crosses the line. I am a virgin.

Harry and I kept going and he lead me to an alleyway.

"Don't believe them. They are jealous. You are so beautiful and not a slut. If anything, I'm the slut." Harry said.

"Thank you Harry," I smiled.

"The comments didn't hurt you," he frowned.

"No they hurt a lot. But they don't matter. Only your opinions matter to me."

He smiled and chuckled.

"Diana," he stuttered.

"Yes," I said turning to him.

"Uh nothing."

"Ok," I said slowly.

"Anyways, let's go!" Harry said. I grabbed his hand and we got a cab to Big Ben.

I held Harry's hand and we soon got to the destination. Big Ben was beautiful and it was even better to be there with Harry. We went to a park next and had a picnic with the stuff Harry brought.

"Diana, will you go on a date with me?" Harry asked. I was shocked.

"Sure," I smiled.

"Thank you," he beamed, showing off his dimples.

"Where is it," I asked.

"The movie premiere for This Is Us. It's my band's movie." He answered.

"Do I need to dress formal," I asked.

"Uh yes," he said. "We can go shopping if you want."

"Ok." I answered. I had never been to a movie premiere. We were the people who waited till it came out. Harry and I looked for a dress. We settled for two. One was a thigh-length dress with ruffles and a cream top. The skirt was pink. The other one was the same size and was navy blue. A ribbon attached he sleeves and a bow in the middle.

"Harry what do you think?"

"I like the first one," he answered smiling.

"Me too," I replied.

Harry bought the dress to where I argued with him. There was no way to stop him from paying for it even if it were 10 cents.

"Come one lets go to Modest so Lou can do our makeup," Harry said.


"Yes I wear makeup." He laughed.

"Can I tease you with that?" I giggled.

He chuckled and nodded. A limo pulled up since Harry called one. I had never been in a limo before. The rest of the guys were in the limo too.

"First time," Harry asked. I nodded and he chuckled. We sat in the backseat and Louis sat next to me. Liam, Zayn, and Niall sat across from me. I grabbed Harry's hand and he rubbed his thumb over the top of my hand.

"So Diana," Liam started.

"Yes," I asked turning to him.

"Can you be my date tonight?" He asked. The other boys started fighting over who's going with me except for Harry.

"Guys," I said. They didn't listen.

"Guys," I said louder.

"Shut up," I yelled. Everyone stopped.

"No Liam, I am going with Harry," I said at a normal noise level. Harry smiled at me and put his arm around me to show the guys.

"I thought you two weren't a couple," Zayn said.

"We are not. That doesn't mean we can't go on dates." Harry said. Harry put his arm around me to show the boys.

He rubbed his thumb over my hand and comforted me. Soon we were there.

Nerves took over me and Harry noticed. Once we got out he put an arm around my waist and cameras flashed around us. More nasty comments were thrown at me and my legs weakened.

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