Another boring twilight story (mlp)

Even though I don't like Twilight (vampire twilight or pony twilight) I though up this story in this magical mind of mine. It's about pony twilight (Twilight Sparkle) on a mission sent out by Princess Celestia. It involves reading and writing, so all of my non-pony 'fans' will be somewhat entertained I guess.


1. Another Day in Ponyville

LallllaaaaLLAAAAA.... It was another day in Ponyville, as magical and friendly as eva!

Here is Twilight Sparkle with her assistant Spike, he's a dragon as you can see. They were prancing around Sugarcube Corner after going to another Pinkiepie party. Everypony knows that she throws the best parties! As she was about to arrive at her home (the library) Spike coughed up a scroll. It read:

Dear my most faithful student, Princess Twilight Sparkle, (yes she turned into a princess)

As you always seem willing to go on adventures, I have found one that you might be interested in going on! It is over near Macintosh Hills so I will send my royal chariot to deliver you there. The address is 248 Riverside Hill, but they know where they are going. Inside is a librarian with a dusty library that could definatly be spruced up. Will you accompany her? Please return by the Summer Sun Celebration this year. Then you must give a speech on what you learned on your jorney.

Please accept this mission,

Princess Celestia


"Huummmm", says Spike, "That sounds fun!"

"Certainly, but I think that Princess Celestia wants me to do this alone. Besides, you could use some time alone Spike"

"Ohh, all right, but remember to be back on time Twilight, Princess Celestia seems exited to send you on this mission, after all she is sending her own personal chariot."

"This is why she made my a princess Spike, I think that I can handle it."


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