I Have Always Loved You

My letters to my boyfriend. Inspired by R.D.M. Goldlight and SMD1120.


2. Thursday Morning...

I wake up just as usual

A smile plastered on my face

the usual

of course it was with you always on my mind.

I'm waiting for your good morning text

and then I get it.

Looking forward to the sweet words you usually say...

You say good morning and good bye all in the same message.

You say that you don't want to, but you want to fix yourself

You want to devote your life to God.

That was our plan once we could live together

to actually try and be closer to God...

You took what we had for ten months

and threw it all away.

You were my first so many things...

I had never cried so hard before

and for once I actually believed that I had found my person

and now you replace me with lies and make believe things.

And I actually still would fall for you everyday over and over again.

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