''The Highlight''

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  • Published: 12 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 12 Mar 2014
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It is fantasy story for a boy discovering that Lady Gaga is a real Monster and coming from outer space


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Dove Martinez had that intrusive thought about celebrities. It was on the verge of obsession but he didn't care. He just enjoys reading articles about celebrities or watching them on TV passing along the red carpet. In a way it was explainable . Maybe he loves so much celebrities because they are living the life he never had. They had everything, he-almost nothing. Dove lives in a small apartment in Bronx, in a neighbourhood paradoxically called''Castle Hill'' . His family didn't support him much. -What an irony!-he thought. Sometimes Dove thought that fate does nothing but laugh at him and his life. Still the boy had no idea or clear perspective for the future. That's why he wanted so bad to be part of that fairytale-like world in Hollywood. Celebrities represented for Dove everything glamorous and possible . They were the good example for him. Like the righteous religion. As a matter of fact Dove's secret desire was to be a star himself. His imagination was endless and often he imagines himself hitting the big stage or playing a major role in an action movie. Dove's dreams, wishes and hopes were so vivid that contrasted vigorously to his surroundings. The young boy felt safe only in his magical, covered in stardust world where everything is so pretty. Dove wanted his own''Castle on the highest Hill'' where he would feel immortal and invincible. The problem was that all this were only dreams. His mother and father were so sick of his silly aspirations toward Hollywood. -You can never ban me to dream!-was Dove's answer to their mere talk. But they thought that his dreams will damage him . He never listened to their ''advices'' and alienated from them more and more every single year. Dove always defended his most precious thing he has and couldn't even think of giving up what he wanted most. The Martinez family were spaniards and their origin made their every day life even harder. Especially Dove's. He felt very often frustrated and estranged from the people in his school . He has problems with some bullies that every day waited for him after class , wanting from him his day savings. Dove couldn't escape because knew the gang will chase him down and beat him. In such moment he ''escapes'' somewhere near the celebrities and literally could feel the flash of lights on his shoulder. He felt into some kind of trance and forgot for hours about the rest of the world. . . . It was Friday and Dove had just found out that Lady Gaga will present her new CD in New York. It is the perfect opportunity for the young dreamer to see in person one of the biggest music stars in the planet. So Mr. Martinez didn't hesitated much , grabbed only pen and paper and rushed outside. The place where Mother Monster will pose and give autographs was some music shop, former cabaret place . Dove knew the spot. Lady Gaga was wearing a plastic rainbow in her head and colorful long dress. -Sometimes she just looks ridiculous!-smiled Dove who found himself already in front of the place where Gaga waved to the crowd. A lot of photographers of course didn't miss the opportunity to immortalize this extraordinary event through their cameras. Dove was in the first row and could see Mother Monster very close. He noticed that she has bright yellow eyes -Maybe they ere just lentils.-said the boy to himself. But then Dove saw another strange thing . He saw that Lady Gaga has very long hands and very short legs. -She is really like from outer space!! ''The outer space''. That phrase stuck in Dove's mind for seconds and he realized something. That thought made him drop the pen and the paper he brought with himself. Then felt goosebumps all over his body. He frightened himself from what he was thinking but there is only one way to prove it is true and everybody to see the real Gaga or ….on the contrary -to turn into lunatic for the crowd. . . . Somehow the boy passed through the barrier and ran fast to reach Lady Gaga . Then he yelled to the crowd to hear him well: She is not the person you think she is. She is not human, folks! After these words , the boy waited for a reaction. The crowded reacted by booing him Someone get that buffoon out of here!-shouted some guy from the crowd. At that time Lady Gaga whispered in his ear: -Yes, I am not human being. I put that female skin and made up that public image , so no one could suspect I'm here with a mission to kidnap people and my race to explore them. -People here already thought you are out of mind and even if you tell what I had just told you, no one is going to believe you! -If I were you , I'd go home . Wait, take my new album''Born This way'' with an autograph on it. Dove Martinez was more than shocked. His watchfulness never lied him. This time, too. He recovered and said one more time loudly: -She confessed me, people. Lady Gaga is not Lady Gaga. She is really an A L I E N After this bold talks the guards had to interfere and took the boy away. He offered resistance but the guards were stronger and the last thing before taking him with the police car was Gaga blowing him a kiss. . . . This ''event'' was detailed discussed on television. Dove became famous but not the way he wanted to be. After this, none of his friends saw him again. Only his poor family visited him from time to time in the''Pilgrim''Psychiatric Clinic. Dove knew the truth but no one believed his words. The boy had to cope with this iniquity until the rest of his life. He despised all the celebrities in Hollywood. The land of the fake. What happened to Lady Gaga? She gained even more fame and continued to kidnap innocent people and to give them for experiments. What she said in front of the cameras about what happened in New York, was that she prays every day for the boy's sanity.
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