New life

Clover ashworths goes to St. James
Boarding school for girls,along with
Her friends Juliette petters,Eloise rose
And autumn Jennings. all the girls do
Horse riding clover has a amber gold
Mustang called ace. Clover and Juliette
Both love one direction what happens
When they get tickets to their show


1. Riding

I hurdled over the last jump slowing to a walk I slid off the saddle and stroked ace's back "good job buddy" I said kissing his nose. I led him back to his stable and started brushing him after I finished I left locking the stable and turned around to find midnight Juliette's horse trying to eat her sandwich from behind "no midnight it my food" she whined i giggled and said in a deep voice "oh come on just a little" she screamed and looked at me practically rolling on the floor laughing I will get you ashworths she yelled as I started running around the barn she finally caught me and puffed out "don't you ever tease me about food ever again" I just poked my tongue out and laughed. "Come on girls you've gotta be in your dorms by 6:30"Quinn our dorm checker yelled as me and Juliette walked back bye I said entering my dorm bye she said i bounced on my bed waiting for my roomy autumn to come in finally she came in and flopped on her bed "lights off" Quinn yelled night I said night she mumbled back I lay there thinking of the race tomorrow  as I slowly drift off to sleep

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