Removing The Mask

*First Book in Masked series*
Leviana Gregor has always been a careful, unimportant girl. She has never let her true self shine through. When a midsummer's ball is hosted in her hometown, Leviana recieves an invitation.
She may remove the mask.


1. One

"Leviana, are you sure you don't want to join my friends and I in our fun-filled night?" Olivia asks me, voicing her concern. I smile a curt grin, closing my eyes, as I tip my head down. I can feel Olivia's stare, as though it were an actual object, instead of an idea, as it truly is.

"Dear Olivia. We are only stepsisters. It must not matter to you fully, if I join your plans or not. Even if you insist, it would have to be a no, you see. I am just much too unimportant to take part in this eventful night of yours." I reply, opening one eye to look straight at her. Olivia looks frightfully disapointed, yet I shoo her out of the small room I live in. A full smile crosses my lips, allowing a small chuckle to escape my mouth.

I gently pick up an old book, one that was my father's. Filled with old stories, fables, as you may. I slowly open the weather-worn leather binding, reading the title that lays inside.

"Fables Through Time." I mutter, a pale finger chasing the black letters. I cock my head to the side, as I daintly turn the gold-tipped parchment page. Ink words lay on the page in a messy cursive I have become accustomed to. A dedication. One that my father wrote for me.

"Dedicated to my dear sweet, Leviana, who told me to follow my dreams and do what I am most desired to do. Writing this book. Dear daughter, I love you."

It reads. The short message brings a tear to the eye. This was my father's original copy. The one he wrote with his own two hands. He even wrote his signature, for me, so I could always remember him. That is when he was lost. We held a funeral for him, assuming his death. I didn't speak for days. And every time I think of my dear, sweet father, who loved me at a time when no one else did, a painful, excruciating sensation runs through my heart. Like now.

A loud chime rings through the grand halls of this place, telling of the arrival of Olivia's friends. I hear my step mother, Elaine, walking down the hall. She opens my door, her kind eyes looking towards me. She gives a delicate, worrisome smile.

"Oh, Leviana. Will you join your stepsister and her friends? It would mean the world to her. She  loves you, you know. Your her big sister." Elaine genuinely asks. I give a smirk that goes unnoticed to Elaine.

"Madam Elaine, though I love both you and Olivia dearly, I am afraid I must past. As I have  already said, I am too unimportant. Father has gone, and you need not worry for me, since I was  not born to you. Your hospitality, and generosity in letting my stay go on as long as it has, well, that is too much to ask for already." I reply. She answers with a happy nod, though her eyes say otherwise, filled with utter sadness.

How I long to exit this drasted room and partake in the wonderful activities planned. But I cannot let my guard down. Being unimportant, staying locked away, that is for the best. That is what will make  me safe from any harm. Yes. Safe.

I gracefully walk towards the vanity mirror that takes place in my room. Sitting at the desk, I remove the leather that held up my hair tail, letting my long, chestnut colors  hair to hang in waves, past my hips, almost touching my knees. I continue  to stare in the mirror, at someone who I rarely see. The real me, not innocence, or looking a young girl, but me, a seventeen year old girl, with chocolate brown eyes, shining hair, and pale skin. The me that looks my age.

Standing from the stool I sit on, I allow my legs to take me to the open window. I push back th  lace curtains, staring at the beautiful sky line. I can see the city's few lightings  blinking or shining, as the ghostly white moon has taken her rightful place, high atop the midnight plum night sky, her stars flinging around her, like children. Looking at the night sky gives me a feeling of security. One that I do not have to mask. Because the night sky protects me. It keeps me safe.

I hear shrill giggles coming from down the hall, most likely belonging to the voices of Olivia and her group of friends. I want to be included. I do. But, alas, I cannot release me. The real me. Not this careful, quite, unimportant girl.

Crisscrossed on the bed, I allow a sweet song, a lullaby, to flow from my lips.

"The sun and the sky,

The moon and the stars,

Pleease tell me why,

You to continue to fued.

Open your eyes,

You'll see simarility is what


Between you.

You both, brighten up the world,

Your melodies you bring,

Through many minds they twirled,

So please, join, together!

With greatness combined, 

The world will be better!" 

The sweet sound of music flowed from my lips, until I heard rustling coming from behind my oak door. In one, elegant motion, I stand up. Walking towards the door, I can hear muffled voices. My hand reaches towards the nob, as I slowly open it. 

My sister and two of her friends, Grace and Ameile, fall foward onto the carpeted ground. They give a nervous smile, until Grace speaks up. Her dark brown eyes shine with sincerity. 

"You're very pretty, and  you have a beautiful voice, miss." She says. Ameile nods in agreement. I allow a small smile. I remember I have met Olivia's friends, but they have not met me. 

"I am Olivia's older sister, Leviana. Stepsister, to be exact. Now, you must be going. I do not think Elaine will be happy with you out of Olivia's room, at this hour. Maybe I will see you again, at some point. Now, off with you!" I reply, cocking my head.

"But, Miss Leviana, you seem like such a nice person! Please will you join us? Please? It would be great!" Ameile begs. Bright blue eyes plead to me, yet I shake my head. Ameile looks saddened by my answer.

"Tut tut tut. I am much too unimportant to spend the night with you girls. You would not want someone like me in your company. I am so very sorry, girls." I answer Ameile, a slim smile lining my lips. She nods her head in dissapointment, along with Grace and Olivia.

I shoo them from my small quarters, with a curt smile. I hope that is the last of those girls I will see today.

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