Kates dreams come true

A book about a girl named Kate and she wants to become a ballet dancer and she gets her dream.��


1. one dream come true

Hi I'm Kate and I live in London near a ballet studio, do you know I've always wanted to be a ballet dancer but my mum can't afford dance lessons then the same day my mum asked for a job there at the dance studio and they said yes so my mum had a job as to make sure that every one had their hair dresses and shoes on and done then they said I could have free lessons and my mum told me and I was very happy and exited so the next day I went to my lessons and I found i was not good at it so they try to help me but it was to tiring.then I gave up and went home to tell my mum and all she said was to believe In myself so and I try again and I succeeded and became a pro at ballet and as soon as I got home I raced upstairs to tell my mum about me becoming top set and she was so proud of me she took me on a girls day out with my friends Ellie and saffron and then when I got back to my ballet lesson the told me that I had become famous and my mum friends and family saw me on tv. After the tv show and news I had to do they suggested I did ballet on ice and it seemed like a good idea but when I tried it I struggled then I got the hold of it, it became easier like normal ballet did for me then I got auditioned for a performance and I fail and brake my leg arm ankle and neck so I get sent to hospital and my bones didn't heal for 5 years so I quit ballet and in 17years when my bones finally healed fully I wanted to be a ballet dancer again at the same studio but instead I got a job there and it was the same job that my mum had before she passed away 2 years ago form cancer but the worst was I couldn't go to the funeral so i sat at home crying In a corner saying in my head what to do , what to do. Then I eventually got a bf at university who married me then we had 2 kids and we lived a happy life and hoped for our children to have the same and follow our footsteps

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