love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


9. I won't give up

Louis' pov

I was pretty nervous for the schoolday but once I was there and I saw my friends I calmed down. Mark and Alice were waiting for me and I was happy to see them back. 'How are you feeling, we were worried!' Alice said. 'I'm feeling fine.' I answered Alice, but my eyes were looking for someone els. 'You're glowing. Did something happen in Paris?' Alice asked. 'No, nothing special.' I lied. I didn't like to lie to them but if we wanted this realtionship to work out than we should keep it quiet for a while. I told Mark and Alice a couple of things and then I saw him walking into the school, Harry. My heart fluttered when I saw him. Luckely he noticed me, he gave me a warm smile and walked to his friends. Even though we couldn't be together right now, just the fact that Harry still cared about me pulled me trough the day.


And it was a long day. everything seemed to be back to normal. I sat in the back of the class, not paying much atttion, and the students didn't pay much attention to me. Not that I cared, at least they didn't hurt me. Some parts of my body still hurt a bit when I had to sit for to long. So as soon as  had lunchbreak I laid down next to the big tree together with Mark and Alice.


At the end of the day my leg and ribs got quite sore, so I sat down when I was waiting for everyone to leave the school, and then a familiar face showed himself in the bikestalls. 'Sitting here on your own?' 'Harry!' I said and I ran to him. He caught me in his arms and hold me tight. I didn't even care about my ribs anymore. We stood there like that for a while until Harry pushed me a bit back so he could give me a pasionated kiss. 'I missed you.' I said. 'Harry stroked my hair that was gelled to the side. 'What happened to your red pants and striped shirts?' Harry asked. I shrugged. 'I needed to change styled I guess.' Harry kissed my forehead and took my hand. 'You look cute. 'Let's go home.' 'But you don't live near me.' I answered. 'I know, but I was thinking, maybe we could catch up some time at your house. -Don't worry, just talking and cuddeling.' Harry quickly added. I nodded and Harry took my bike. Together we walked to my house.


'Make yourself comfortable, I'm going to make us some tea.' Harry nodded and took place on the couch. A couple of minutes later we were cuddled up in a blanket with tea. 'I've really missed doing this.' Harry said. I laid my head in the crook of his neck. 'Me too.' Harry wrapped his arms around me, I loved his strong muscles holding my fragile body, it made me feel so save. I sighed in relief when Harry kissed my head and stroked my back. 


I almost fell asleep when suddently someone walked into the living room, and that someone was my dad. 'Dad!' I shrieked. I sprung away from Harry who gave me a cofused expression.'Louis do you?- I that a guy!' He yelled. I though I couldn't hear he was raising his voice, I still knew it, just by his expression. 'Dad I-'  'I leave you alone for three weeks and I find you here doing things on the couch, with a guy!' My father iterrupted me. 'Father, Harry is my friend.' I tried to explain. Harry was sitting at the other end of the couch, feeling akward. 'Louis I'm not stupid! When someone holds you like that and kisses and strokes you like that that's what couples do!' I looked over at Harry with tears in my eyes. 'Okay dad, I'm gay, is that so wrong?' I asked, hoping he would say no. 'I didn't raise you to be a fag.' He asnwered. I cringed at the word and that was the moment that Harry joined the discussion. 'Excuse me sir, but I don't think you should call your son such words.' 'I wasn't talking to you!' My father snapped at Harry. 'Hé! You don't need to yell at me! I'm not deaf!' I looked away and suddently felt Harry's hand taking mine. 'Sorry babe.'  'Get out of the house, now!' My father yelled at Harry.' I saw he wanted to say something back, but he closed his mouth and stood up. 'See you in school.' He mouthed before he closed the door behind him. 'That was so rude!' I said. 'Rude?! I did my best to raise you and then you do THIS.'  'Raise me?! Father, you were never really there for me! You were alaways at work or sitting in the basement working on whaterver, I don't even know. And when mom passed I needed someone, and you weren't there...' Tears were streaming down my face by now. 'So now and then I needed some fatherly advice, but I got none, and now I finally found someone who understands you are going to be the parent and say it's wrong?!' My father looked away from me and back at me. 'If you really think I'm such a bad parent, why don't you just leave?' He said calmly, like it was very normal. My eyes grew twice their size. 'Because I'm your son!'  'Not anymore! You better look for another place to stay or you promise me you'll never see this guy again.' 'I can't do that...I'm sorry I'm such a failure, I'm sorry you are ashamed of me, I'll leave.' I murmered as I left the house.


I wandered around for hours and then I got a message. It was Harry, when I opened it I saw an adress. First I was hesitant butt then I decided to go anyway. 


It took me an hour to get there. It was an expensice looking neigboorhood. Harry lived in a big house but right then I didn't care at all. and when Harry opened the door I fell in his arms and started crying like I didn't do in a long time. Harry hold my face with his both hands and kissed me sweetly on my forehead, I love it when he does that and he knows it. 'Don't worry babe, you're gonna be alright.' He wiped away my tears. 'My father kicked me out of the house.' I murmered. Harry took my hand and we went inside. Harry's parents stood in the living room. 'Are you okay?' His dad signed at me. His dad knows sign language? 'I'm fine.' I said, not letting go of Harry.' Harry's mom gestured at us to come in and we took place on the couch. 


Harry's pov

I wrapped an arms around Louis to make sure he felt save. 'Mom, Louis is kicked out of the house, can he stay here?' My mother looked at Louis and back at me. 'Ofcourse.' she answered. 'Louis, can I ask you something in private?' I asked as I pulled him onto his feet. He nodded and we walked over to the kitchen. 'My parents think you are my friend, they don't know I'm gay so please don't tell them.' I asked with pleading eyes. Louis slowly nodded. 'But you need to tell them one day.'  'I know, but not yet, I don't know how they would react.'


We walked back to the living room and I watched tv as my dad and Louis had a conversation in sing language. It was actually cute to see. I was sure my parents would like Louis bieng my boyfriend, but I was not sure my parents would like that fact that I had a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend. 'So why is Louis kicked out?' My mom asked. I tried to make something up really soon. 'He doesn't have a mom and his dad is just an ass.' I quickly answered. 'How sad. He can stay here for as long as he want to, he can sleep in one of the spare rooms.' I nodded. 


After dinner my parents went to bed and left me and Louis alone in the livivng room. Louis looked tired and broken and I knew he needed someone to hold him. And that's what I did, I crawled closer to him and wrapped my arms around him. 'Are you sure it's not a problem that I'm sleeping here tonight?' Louis asked. I unwrapped my arms so he could see what I asnwered. 'Babe, you can stay here as long as you want to. My paretns don't mind, I think they like you. No wait I'm sure.' I saw a sparkle of hope in Louis' eyes and I just loved to see that. 'Let me show you the room you will sleep in.' I said as I took his hand. He followed me up the stairs and to the large room next to mine. 'This room is big.' I nodded. 'This house is way too big for us, and it feels so empty with these big rooms.' I answered. Louis let go of my hand and walked into the room, his eyes were big as he explored the room. 'Are you okay with sleeping here? I'll make your bed.' Louis eyes widened even more. 'Okay? I love this room!' He cooed. I smiled and quickly made the bed. When I was done Louis inmidiatly jumped on the bed and laid on his back. 'Comfy.' He murmered. 'I'm gonna go to bed, we have school tomorrow.' Louis sat up and pouted. 'Okay, but do I get a kiss first?' Who could say no to that? I walked over to him and sweetly kissed his lips. 'Goodnight Loubear.'  'Goodnight, curly.'  I smiled at the sudden nickname.

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