A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


14. 14

I woke up to have Jeff cuddled up to with his arm draped over my waist, he had his head rested next to mine on the pillow, I turned and faced him and cuddled into him and went fast asleep again. The next time I woke up Jeff wasn’t in bed, he was walking around the room in his boxers. I smiled at the sight of him. He picked up a glass that had orange juice in it and walked over to the bed. He handed me the orange juice and sat crossed legged on the bed in front of me, I bit my lip at his boxers strained over him. He took my hand and held it “I’m sorry” he said kissing my hand I smiled and took a sip out of the glass. He sat there holding my hand and stroking up my arm. I smiled I couldn’t stay annoyed at him; he was being so sweet to me. I put the glass on the bedside table and stretched. I yawned, “What we doing today?” I said, he smiled “You’re talking to me now then.” I nodded and smiled, I climbed out from under the duvet  and sat in front of him, and I picked up one of his hands and started to trace a pattern on it. “Well we got a meet and greet remember…” I frowned, I hated them, I always got stuck next to Test and nobody would come to see me because they didn’t like him so I used to sit there bored out of my brains. “Mmmm fun fun fun!” I said. He laughed “Don’t sound too excited, your only sitting next to me this time.” I smiled and kissed him “Fun.” I said, he chuckled, “Do you want to get room service for breakfast or go out to a café?” he said, “Let's get room service, cause then we can just go…” I said getting up walking to the shower, I looked back. “You joining me?” he nodded and got up, he came over to me and scooped me up, we walked into the bathroom and striped off and got in the shower, I stood there cuddling Jeff, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him, he kissed me “How’s the knee?” he said rubbing my the back of my thigh with his thumb “It still hurts but I manage, why?” I said smiling as I felt myself rubbing over his abs with the way he was holding me up. “Mmmm nothing… just wondered… that’s all…” he said holding me there kissing my collar bone. I giggled and he put me down, he stood there under the hot stream of water and I started to wash my body, he watched me with his eyes wide, I felt my cheeks go a little red “What?” I said “Nothing. Aren’t I aloud to admire my girl?” I smiled “Well there’s admiring and there’s perving and you are definitely perving…” I said running a finger down his wet chest “Maybe…” he said. I finished washing myself off making sure I turned my back on him, he put his arms around me and started to kiss and nibble on my neck. “Stop… you  need to shower.” I said to him. He sucked on my neck “Hmmmm I am showering” he said huskily. I giggled and pulled away from him. I kissed him “Get showered…” I said walking out whilst wrapping a towel around me. “Urgh fine. But that ass is mine tonight Christy, I am telling you.” I laughed “In your dreams Hardy, in your dreams.” I said pulling on some clothes. I was dressed and then rang for room service, they said there would be a wait. So I put the TV on watching the news, I didn’t notice Jeff come out getting dressed. “Jeff…” I called out, “Yeah??” he said, I jumped not realizing he was behind me, he put his hand on my shoulder “There’s a huge storm heading for North Carolina.” He frowned, “I’ll call Dad in a while, normally when they say ‘storm’ in NC Christ they mean a load of rain that floods the fields for a couple of days, but I’ll phone Dad anyway babe.” He said squeezing my shoulder. I loved his Dad, when we went to see him a few weeks back he made me perfectly welcome even though he had never met me before in his life, he sat there and told us stories about his childhood and how he grew up. I smiled at the thought of a few weeks ago with Jeff being so happy to be home.
“Whatcha thinking about?” he said, I shook my head. “Just a few weeks ago” I said smiling, he smiled “Where the hell is this room service? We need to leave in a minute.” He said pulling on a shirt. I nodded “It’s not coming anytime soon, there was a wait or something, so we might as well go. We can get something on the way.” “Yup lets go Christy Cakes.” He said. I laughed “You’re going to eat me?” I questioned him. “Umm maybe, depends what you taste like.“ he said laughing, we walked down out through the hotel “You’re a goofball.” I said ordering a doughnut and Cappuccino. We walked along to the arena, surprise surprise Vince was outside frowning, because a few of us were a couple of minutes late. There was nobody outside the entrance we went through so I didn’t see the fuss. We went in and found our seats, we was in the second part of the hall thing, well away from Test and his whores. The meet and greet was fun, I took pictures with a ton  of fans, and some with Jeff and the fans, signed a bunch of memorabilia and shirts, I even got given a small sketchpad by someone that was full of drawings that they had done to me. I smiled it had been a good day considering I hated meet and greets. We had to stay back and help pack the tables away. Then we left and made our way slowly back to the hotel. 

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