A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


13. 13

I went to the bathroom and pulled the shirt off, and turned the shower nozzle on. I let it heat up and then took my boots and ring gear off, I had grabbed my towel as I made my way to the bathroom, I stripped and hobbled over to the shower, I leaned on the wall and let the water wash over me, my knee was already swollen from where it had collide with the hard metal turnbuckle. God knows what my back looked like. I stood there for a good few minutes.
I frowned as I saw what happened to Christy. Both Eve and Torrie where little bitches, they were Test’s bitch’s, that’s why they were so evil. I walked off around to the female locker rooms and eventually found her one. I knocked and Trish answered. “Yes?” “Is Christy in there?” I asked, she nodded and let me in then walked out the door, “I’m going to Hunters so feel free to stay” she said walking away. I shut the door and locked it, only just noticing that Trish had taken her bag with her, I paused and went back out the door running to my locker room, and Matt wasn’t in there so I grabbed my bag and hurried back along to Christy’s. I threw it on the floor and locked the door again. I walked over to the shower room door and opened it quietly. I smiled as I saw her leaning against the wall with her eyes closed, I dropped all my sweaty ring gear and went over to her, I leaned down and kissed her softly, “You really should lock that door you know.”
I smiled as I felt his lips touch mine, “You should lock that door you know.” I heard him say, I nodded and stood up properly, I took a small step forward to him and winced, he stepped in front of me and cuddled me close, I smelled him as my face ended up in his chest, he wrapped his arms around me holding me up, I wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned against him. He stood there brushing the wet hair out of my face and rubbing my bare back. I shivered as he trailed his hand down the middle of my back “That nice?” he murmured, I moaned softly and rubbed my head against his wet chest. We carried on standing in the shower until he decided he was going to kiss me, he reached down and put his hand under my chin making me look at him, “Mmmm?” and he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, I reached up and tangled my hands in his wet hair, and he picked me up gently, I moaned and tried to wrap my legs around his waist. I winced as my knee felt tight from where I had hurt it in the match, Jeff put his hands on my ass and held me up, carrying me through to the main locker room. He laid me on the bed in there and got on top of me, “Where was we earlier?” he whispered kissing down my neck, he stroked my sides and I gasped at the sensation it gave me, I moaned softly and started to kiss him, he moaned as I grazed my nails down his back. “Mmmm, you want that hicky?” he murmured, I nodded and arched myself into him, he had his leg laying between mine I moaned as I felt his thigh rub against my va-j-j “Mmmmmmmmmm” I said arching into him, he carried on kissing down neck, he kissed down my side and onto my stomach, he stopped kissing me and started to suck on the skin below my breast. “Mmmm, that feels sooo good…” I whispered, gasping as he bit me, I giggled as he carried on kissing, biting and sucking on that patch of skin. He stopped sucking and kissing it, and then decided to get up and lay next to me, tracing the mark that he had made, “Huh huh your mine now…” I smiled and stroked the smooth bare area of his abs, “I thought I had no ownership…” he raised his eyebrow and sucked on my neck, I pushed him off gently “Nuh uh. Not there...” I whispered as it felt so good. He moved down my body “What about here?” he said, sucking on the top of my boob. I giggled, it felt good but it tickled. I couldn’t help the giggling, so he stopped. “Do you want to carry this on back at the hotel?” he said running a finger down my side, I shivered again and nodded. “Mmmm, let’s do that.” I said, he got up and pulled clothes out of the case that I had only just realized was there. He pulled on his boxers and I frowned, he was too sexy for boxers he should be naked all the time. I got up and looked at the sheet, I didn’t know whether I wanted to wrap it around me or not. I decided not to, and walked over to my case, I pulled out a lacy pair of panties, and Jeff smiled “I love you” he whispered, I smiled and blushed “Sure that’s not just the sight of me naked talking?” he shook his head and placed his hands on my sides “I’m positive” he said and kissed me delicately on the lips, I bit my lip “Now go get dress so I can finish what I started on you…” he said, I picked up my bra, shirt and jeans and walked into the bathroom, I put my bra on and looked in the mirror and saw the red mark he had made, I touched it and smiled, knowing he had done it out of love, not spite. I pulled my jeans and shirt on and then pulled my damp hair back into a pony tail. I walked out and he was fully dressed, he threw a hoodie at me, “Nice bite.” He said, I looked at him confused, until I realized the tank I was wearing was skin tight, I put it on and zipped it up. “Let’s go.” We picked up our cases and made our way to our Mustang when Test came from one of the many doors, “Well if it isn’t druggie and druggie. Nice trip to the security getting on the plane?” he taunted. I took Jeff’s hand “Let’s go.” I said trying to pull him away. I was petrified that he was going to tell Jeff what he use to do to me. “Shut it Test. You should get the drugs test because you’re OBVIOUSLY high on something if you think those two little slappers actually want a real relationship with you.” He said with a smirk and then walked off with me to the Mustang. We threw everything in and then got in and zoomed off to the hotel a couple of blocks away. We got there and went straight up to our room. He opened the door and I went in and plonked myself on the sofa, he dumped everything by the door and sat next to me on the sofa and started to kiss me. “Stop.” I said. He stopped and looked at me. “You okay?” “No. You should’ve left Test be. He wasn’t worth our time.” I said getting up and pulling jammys out my case. I put the on and went into bed. He took his clothes off and left his boxers on and came and lay next to me. “I’m sorry.” He said, I turned my back on him and went to sleep feeling annoyed with him.

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