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10. Stripping before a man

I realized that I had no control over anything. One evening drew Niall me to a strip club. The girls danced naked at strip bars and I felt uneasy. Niall pulled still with me in and walked up to the bar. The owner came up to us and he smiled at Niall. 
"The money gathered Liam this Monday." 
Niall smiled at him. 
"I know!" he smiled. "I just wanted to come here and drink some beer." 
The bartender asked directly presented a glass to Niall. The owner let his eyes slide over to me and he liked what he saw. 
"Can't she work here?" 
Niall shook his head quickly. 
"She's mine." Then he smiled at her. "But I don't mind if she dances for me." 
The owner smiled and leaned against Niall. 
"We have some rooms. We talk business?" 
Niall lit up. 


We came into a room at the back of the building. I saw bags of drugs on the table and I understood what the business was all about. The owner went up to the bags and threw one over to Niall. 
"It's fine quality. I bought it from Italy last week and it's virtually clean." 
Niall took out a knife, pulled it in the bag and got up a little powder. He took it against his tongue and nodded with satisfaction. 
"What do you want for the whole party?" 
The owner looked down at the table and then looked at Niall. 
"I want more than the last time you was here, because it's the best there is to find." 
Niall smiled and pulled me into his arms. 
"Say what you want."
The old man let his eyes land on my body and I felt him almost undressed me with his eyes. 
"Fifty and she dances for me alone. I want to touch her ​​body." 
To my great surprise Niall seemed not to care about the proposal. He smiled at him and then looked at me. 
"Can't you do that for me? I promise to pay you!" 
I shook my head, but Niall looked coldly at me and I knew he didn't want a no. 
"You're going to dance for him and strip off everything. He wants just to feel on you." 
I swallowed. 
"No sex?" 
Niall looked at the owner. He grinned and he just looked down at my legs. 
"I think I can jerk off if it's okay?"


I had to set up. He sat down on the couch and I saw that he had boner. I saw Niall leave the room with the bags, and he closed the door. I gulped and told myself that I made the right choice. I slowly began to dance to the music and my clothes went off. I set myself in front of the owner and let him touch my body. His hands touched first at my breasts, then my ass and then he forced me down on his lap. He unbuttoned his fly, pulled out a hard member, forcing me to take my hand down to it. 
"Jerk me off. I promise not to have sex with you, but fuck jerk off me." 
I obeyed and let my hand move quickly over his member. He held his hands around my butt and he groaned high. He looked down over my body and seemed almost devour me with his eyes. I felt disgusted.


He brought the hips up towards me but showed no sign that he wanted to penetrate. Instead, he closed his eyes and let his hands slide up against my two breasts. He embraced them with his palms and rubbed them. I felt how he unbuckled himself and he was close to coming. 
"Can I fuck?" he asked. I froze. 
"No, you heard Niall." 
He opened his eyes and groaned. 
"Come on. I would like just a little." 
I shook the head. 
He whimpered and one hand slid down between my legs. He had two fingers quickly penetrate and I groaned. He smiled and looked down at our hands. 
"I just move around between your legs."
I was surprised when he reached my g-spot right away and I couldn't help but ride his hand. I whimpered and I felt him perfectly got my body shaking. My hand moved faster over his dick and I rode his hand at the same rate. He liked it and seemed to almost come by looking at me. When I come, he smiled big. I felt myself enveloped his fingers and I shook lightly. I continued to move my hand and he come shortly after me.


"If you feel like changing boyfriend, I'm here." he whispered in my ear. "My name is Simon Cowell and I know how to get a girl to scream." 
I looked into his eyes and I believed him. 
"I can't ..." 
He smiled and looked down over my body. 
"But you know where to find me?" 
I nodded and took me away from him. I put on my clothes and dried by hand with a towel, lying on the table. 
"I can't leave Niall." 
Simon buttoned pants. 
"I know, but maybe he gets tired of you. Here I can give you a job, shelter and money."

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