Elizabeth I

"Long live the Princess!" Rang throughout the country on the day that Anne Boleyn and King Henry VI had their beautiful daughter; Elizabeth. Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess of England.

Half sister to Bloody Mary. The prized Gem of the Tudor household. The Black Rose's favored child. The Jewel of Wales. The Crown of England.

But not all was so easy being her.

Attempted kidnappings.

Attempted assassinations.

A true fighter.

A child loved by her father most of all, a child who was protected throughout everything.

A special, strong woman. The first outspoken Feminist.

The Virgin Queen.

And this is her story.

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


1. Danger Awaits

I ran into the woods, finally escaping the confines of my quarters. And my father's suffocating rules of proper behavior.


I sighed as I twirled in the pond that is in my secret place. The place where I can escape all that is around me.


My father.


His court.


I don't like politics as much as I should, they have a tendency to bore me.


Living here in Greenwich Palace is lovely. I enjoy running about secretly to my hiding places and then reading every single little thing that comes my way. I can however, be a wild child at times. But that is hardly ever; being as I love to read and focus on my studies.


I usually only have these "wild child" moments when I'm alone and out in the woods next to my pace. This is one of the only times I can ever truly let go and be who I really am.


I swirled in the water and giggled as the water cooled me down, soaking my dress and me. Then, I heard the snap of a twig.


I froze and crouched down into a defensive position, reaching for the dagger that is laced up around my knee and top of my calf. I'm always in guard because, being Elzabeth, Princess of Wales, I'm always a target for kidnapping and ransom.


However, unbeknownst to my father I secretly train in self-defense with my tutor and friend.


I used the string that held my dagger in place on my leg to tie my dress up around my thighs in order to make my movements more flexible. I whipped my dagger out and held it properly by the hilt in front of my body with the blade's point pointing towards my elbow, ready to defend myself.


The footsteps were coming closer and closer, quickly and stealthily. I growled out lowly, warning them that I would not go silently nor would I go complacently.


The footsteps came to a stop behind me, I whirled around to confront them. The figure was wearing the army uniform of one of our enemies.


"Princess," he drawled in that disgusting accent, "You will come with me now."


I stood my ground and replied, "When I'm dead and buried may you kidnap me. Until then, there is no way you'll get your hands on me alive, sir!"


At this point, he lunged at me, arms wide as if to hug me. But, he instead tackled me and cursed my ribs (quite a remarkable achievement for, my corset does an impeccable job at that itself.). I pushed him off me and stabbed him in the abdomen, fleeing from him with my dagger bloodying my hands and dress.


I reached the palace, but my attacker was right on my heels. "Guards! Guards! GUARDS!! HELP ME!!" I screamed just before he wrapped his arms up around my waist and neck, choking me silent.


"Don't make a sound, or I will kill you. Do you understand, Princess?" He growled in my ear, tightening his grip around my torso, causing something to snap or crack inside my body. The pain was horrendous.


I nodded, tears slipping down my face, my hand still clasped on my dagger, frozen from fear. I swallowed it, forcing my fear down deep, I forced my arm up and around his arms too fast for him to stop me, I stabbed him in the shoulder.


His grip slackened as he howled in pain and I took the advantage to slip away from him. I left my dagger in his body and ran looking like a crazed, bloodied, banshee, screaming for help. The guards were--thankfully--just around the corner, followed closely by my father who had heard my screams along with the rest of them.


"Elizabeth! My darling daughter, are you alright?!" His thunderous voice boomed as I ran to him, crying.


"Father! I've been attacked and nearly abducted!"


My father grew silent, cold with anger. "By whom? They shall pay for their actions with their lives. Are you injured? You're bleeding!"


"No, that's his blood. I defended myself as best I could with my dagger. He has hurt me, I fear one of my ribs has been cracked or worse."


My father became even more infuriated at these insolent actions of this man. He stormed off--with me and the guards following closely behind him--down the path I had just arrived from, and upon seeing the man who had attacked me, drew his his sword.


"You are the one that injured and attacked my daughter." My father stated.


The scum backed away, flinching at the look on my father's face, trying to blend into the shrubbery. My father raised his sword and it came down on the scum's neck, slicing it off in one clean swipe.


I didn't even flinch as I watched this spectacle.


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