Civilised Wolf

This is a werewolf story, but not a fanfic. It is about an 'ordinary' pack member, who has more to her than what most people see. It is just an idea, may develop more later. ;D


1. Not Your Average Wolf

Hey, this is PurringFeline! This is my first story here, so I guess I'm nervous. This story is about breaking the stereotypes that are centred around popular teen-werewolf stories. I hope you like :)


 When you read most werewolf stories, the protagonists' wolves are portrayed as their wild side, with a raging temper, violent instincts, and sudden urges to mate. They are primal, disagreeable, hard to control, and this always seems to happen when it is worst for their human side.

This may be because the humans are expected to be dominant; but it doesn't have to be this way.

I am Laureth Stone, a late-teen werewolf with no particular status, in an average werewolf pack, part of an ordinary werewolf community. Right?

If you were to ask any of my classmates, I am a nobody. A straight A student with no friends who works quietly at the back of the classroom.

However, the Alpha, and only the Alpha, knows that I am different. I am the only werewolf alive who is a complete equal with my wolf.

And that makes me more talented than anyone would think.

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