the story of my life

Megan Campbell is a normal teenage girl who helped out her father in a recording studio during the summer. but on the last day of summer she runs into harry styles and helps him get away from screaming girls. at first harry is nice to Megan but after a photo of harry and Megan is leaked harry says he has never meet Megan and has no clue who she is and refers Megan as a "obsessed fan" will harry and Megan remain friends? or will they become enemy's? and the big question is does harry and Megan like each other?

Hey guys Megan here just wanted to let's you guys know that I posted This story on Ms.literati and wattpad so I didn't copy this story


1. Megan's POV

Dad! I’m bored!!! I yell. Hi bored I’m Jeff it’s very nice to meet you said my dad. Dad! I say with a laugh. Megan how can you be bored when you’re watching a record producer put together Justin Timberlake’s next album? Said my dad.  Simon Cowell is here? I say leaning forward. Very funny said my dad. I’m kidding and you did a really good job on this album I can’t believe it only took you two months to finish an album I say. Thanks and you have been a great assistant this summer said my dad. Thanks daddy! I say. We’ll be done here soon then after this well go get dinner okay? Said my dad. Ok dad, but just have one thing to say I said. What’s that sweetie? Asked my dad. I’m bored!!! I yell. You know what here is 20 dollars go shopping or something said my dad. Okay bye dad I say.


As soon as I step foot out of syco records I immediately went straight down the block to Starbucks. As I was walking to the door I heard a bunch of screaming girls running down the street. I guess I was deep in thought about wondering what they were doing because a guy ran into me and knocked me down. Are you ok? I asked helping him up. Yeah I’m fine but you need to hide me and fast! Said the guy. Come with me I say grabbing his wrist. We ran down one more block and went into an ally. Where those girls chasing you? I asked. Yeah they were said the guy out of breath. Why? I ask. You don’t know who I am do you said the guy. I looked at the guy for about 5 seconds then it hit me. Hey! Your harry styles! I say. Yes I am it’s nice to meet you and what is your name? Asked harry. I’m Megan I say. Well Megan thank you for saving me for those girls said harry. It was nothing I say. I mean it is there any way I can repay you? Asked harry. Well I could use a java chip Frappuccino I say with a smile. Well then what are we waiting for! Let’s go! Said harry. Okay I say with a laugh. So what brings you to Los Angeles I ask sitting across from him in a booth. Well me and the others are recording this week said harry taking a sip of his mocha Frappuccino. Nice I say. So do you live around here or…? Asked harry. My dad is a record producer for syco records so I’m with him today I say. Hey that’s where were recording! Said harry. That’s awesome I say. After talking to each other some more I realized I had to get back to the studio. Harry it’s getting late and I have to get back I say. Oh yeah I have to go to said harry. Before we went our separate ways in syco records I thanked harry for the day. It was nice meeting you harry I said as we stood in the elevator. It was nice meeting you too I had fun said harry. As soon as the elevator reached my floor I said goodbye but harry came running out the door. Megan wait! Said harry. Yeah? I say. I would really like to hang out with you sometime we should exchange numbers said harry. Okay I say blushing. Later harry I say as soon as we switch phone numbers.  

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